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Vintage vandalizm

Channeling my dark side

 Last week I was in a particularly dark mood, well not really in terms of my mood but inspired by a post I did about 4 years ago at an Agent Provocateur fashion show when I wore an all black ensemble with black lipstick. Weird, but many times when I need inspiration I just look back at my older posts and I always find something and I haven’t sported a dark lip in a while so that was the inspiration. I didn’t want to go all black on this day despite having an important meeting to attend but I still wanted to stick with the idea so I wore a deep shade of purple lipstick, smokey eyes, and a Betsey Johnson jacket and dress combo. “When all else fails resort to Betsey” my friend Andrea would say..and because most of my clothes were in boxes because I was moving…I went with it. My leather purse was also Betsey, go figure. I kept my accessories light as always and went with some silver rings and my favorite black fluorescent Tarina Tarantino skull studs. I also went with my Christian Louboutin booties that have been collecting dust since I bought them because I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. This was definitely it. They matched my outfit perfectly!
I have this jacket in a Marilyn print as well. I just love it so much I must have it in many color ways. I love that wearing this one with the dress isn’t overkill. Such great colors!
 Of course I had to belt it. I belt everything. I like to accentuate the waist.

My Betsey Johnson purse has become my favorite go-to item as well. It just matches most of what I wear on a regular day basis. Her leather bags really hold up well. I’ve had many of mine for years and they are still in pristine condition.

How amazing are these Christian Louboutin booties!!! Not sure why I haven’t utilized them since I got them but I must be on drugs. I will definitely bust out these bad boys some more

Winter’s coming but it feels like Spring 

 It has been quite a while since I have done an outfit post but I have been way too busy lately, so busy that I haven’t had much time to even post at all. Alas I was off today for Thanksgiving and decided to wear a dress I recently found at a thrift store that my mom ended up taking pics of while we were taking a stroll around my old neighborhood. I have been dying to wear this wool plaid dress. It reminds me of something Vivian Westwood would create but it is actually by Kal Kaur Rai. I couldn’t believe I found such a statement piece here at a local thrift store in the Bronx but I am not complaining. It only cost me $7.50! I probably should have saved it for fashion week but decided every week is fashion week in my life, I am sure I will cook something up when it’s time to cross that bridge. Anyway, it was beautiful outside. The leaves were falling from the trees but it felt like the beginning of spring. I was able to walk around without my jacket for most of the day until the evening when the sun started to set. I wanted to channel the punk rock style of the 70s with a 50s touch. I love to clash eras and create outfits that work. Leather, plaid, and studs are all signature staples of punk rock style and since my dress reminded me of the queen of punk fashion Vivian Westwood, it felt oh-so-right to pair it with my Christian Louboutin spiked pumps, Agent Provocateur gloves, and Betsey Johnson studded purse. I also wore cuban heel hosiery by Leg Avenue. All in all, It was an all around win and if it got too cold, I carried my scape by Theresa Dapra and my buckle boots by Steve Madden. I always like to carry an extra pair of shoes. My friends make fun of me because they say I change from heels to heels lol. I had to bring my boots because my shoes were open toe and we all know those type of shoes are meant for spring/summer but I didn’t care. Cheers to being fashionable and comfortable on a beautiful day like this one.
Power Shoulder Jacket by Super Trash. Gloves by Agent Provocateur.
Scape by Theresa Dapra. It can be molded into a hood.
I love the shape of this dress. It has so much character.
Love that these stockings match my skin tone. It is only because I become so pale during fall/winter lol.
back seams and studded CL heels

NYFW: Chromat SS14

 It was Fashion Week here in NY and I was off to see the Chromat SS14 Mathletes collection at The Out NYC with my aunt Alex. The designer, Becca McCharen, is extraordinary and talented beyond measure. She creates structural and abstract architectural cages and other accessories for the female form. All of which add edge and character to any ensemble. Her knowledge of architecture and urban design has made her a household name in fashion as an innovative genius all over the world. I was extremely excited when I got the invite to her show. I am a huge fan of her work and was so excited to see her new collection. I was also excited that I had the opportunity to wear my new Karen Millen dress as it fit the theme of the event perfectly. The show was amazing and the venue was beautiful. Models were dressed in cages and other structural accessories that made them look like warriors in armor. The models even had awesome platform boots and wedges designed by Becca. My aunt and I were completely blown away. I have to own one of these pieces at some point of my life lol. It is so good to watch Becca’s success grow and watch her continue to push the envelope with new and innovative designs every year. If you haven’t already seen the collection, take a gander inside!
 This dress is definitely a statement piece! Karen Millen has designed most of my best dresses. This one is like nothing I have ever seen or ever owned until now. I love the pleated skirt and sheer sleeves.
 The pattern is consistent through the back of the dress as well.
To compliment the dress I gave myself a metallic smokey eye and painted my nails in OPI’s “Peace and Love” color which shines of purple and teal. It is such an incredible color.

To accessorize the dress, I wore some silver gems and a simple black Kate Spade purse.
For shoes I wore these Zara pumps. I was going to wear a boot with a clear heel but they looked weird so I just went with these.

NBA2k13 Party at 40/40

 The other night my beau invited me out to the 40/40 club for an NBA2k13 hosted by Jay Z. I was excited to come and show my support especially since my beau designed the exclusive basketball of the game. I have never been to the 40/40 club and I am not sure if they do this all the time but the hors d’oeuvres were delicious. I don’t drink so when I saw food, I immediately became a happy camper. These were no ordinary small hors d’oeuvres either, we enjoyed a whole meal lol. There were also a bunch of Xboxes throughout the club too where people enjoyed playing the new NBA game. I mean, I was in heaven as I am a gamer too but I am not really into sports lol. I was also very delighted to meet a few of my gorgeous readers at the event as well, it is always so sweet and humbling to have people tell you they love your blog. That was definitely the highlight of my night. We also got to see Jay Z and I could have sworn he was taller but overall he seemed like a really humble dude. There were more celebrities there but I was more focused on the mini-cheese burgers lol (they were so good!). Good food plus video games plus good music and good company equals a great time. I wish I could give you a more detailed post on my time at this event with my beau so there aren’t just pictures of myself but there are some things I like to keep to myself <3. Come on, I can’t give it all away!
 I wanted to be simple and chic in a little black dress. This one is by Stop Staring.

My stockings are by Agent Provocateur and my satchel is by Betsey Johnson. I wish I knew who made my shoes as they say “Made in Italy” but that is still a mystery.

Dress for success!

 Today I went on a job hunt and also had a meeting with a good friend of mine from Limite Magazine. This may not be your typical “dress for success” outfit, but for me it is..I wanted to make sure that every place I dropped my resumé off to, would remember me. Plus I just wanted to dress up ;) lol. I felt like myself today. My hat is from Jaxon, my coat, purse, glittered mary jane’s, button-down, and skirt was all Betsey. The Broche and ring are vintage. Look out for me on as well, I bumped into Will while I was rushing off to my meeting and he took my picture.

What I wore today

 Hey readers! I apologize for my lack of posts but I have been terribly busy working on tons of projects within the past few weeks. Yesterday I headed out to midtown to do a photo shoot for a magazine, I cannot disclose what magazine I shot for just yet but you will all know very soon. In the meantime, check out what I wore to the shoot. It was a beautiful day out and I have been dying to wear a dress. I wore an Armani Exchange leather/jersey dress with my Topshop power shouldered jacket and paired it with Steve Madden patent leather peep-toe pumps and my Barbie satchel. My shades are from Nasty Gal vintage.

These are photos of me after the shoot so I still had the makeup on. The makeup artist did a great job aside from being totally awesome and extremely funny. You can tell its different from my normal way of doing makeup but I love it. It’s a soft cat-eye.

Fashion on a budget: Mandee!

 While touring my new neighborhood I ran across a shop calledMandee and I regret not going in any sooner. If you are looking for deals on Steve Madden, Miss Sixty, and other brands, this is the go-to place. Even if you aren’t looking for any brands in particular, this is a great place for fashion on a budget. Sadly the staff at Mandee already knows me because I am constantly going in there looking for more bargains lol. Last week I took a friend there and ended up leaving with a pair of rain boots, some cute pom pom pumps, and a cool winter hat. Sadly I took her back the next day and I left with a coat….but it was on SALE!!! Ok so maybe I have a problem, but this is what I got!
 y hat was $12.00 and my shoes were buy one get one %50 off! I ended up getting these pom pom pumps for $15!
 While skimming through my favorite section, the saleeee section, I found this awesome dress coat! It reminds me so much of something Betsey Johnson would make that I couldnt resist buying it! I love the print and the price, just $24.99 because it was 50% off!
Finally something I can wear with these damn CL pumps!

Varius outfit

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