Monday, August 19, 2013

Ivanka from Slovakia

And I have lived so many lives

 What would it be if we had one extra chance in our life? What would it be if we could go back in time and fixsomething we now regret? 
It would be strange. Like living two lives at once, traveling in two directions and standing on two sides of theRiver. We rectify one mistake and we live the next one. Still, we have done fresh and new. It don´t havemeaning. Rather be imperfect, as crave after the perfection and thereby destroy everything and everyonewe love.

Dress: Second-hand, Boots: New Look, Tights: Pink from Tally Weijl and Heart from Gate, Vest: Takko, Necklace: New Yorker

Stolen Roses

 I promised a long article, but ....

I hope you all like (love) me and forgive me .....:)

The first school days were poor because now I know that people with which I create a team, are for the most part arrogant and selfish, with horrible taste and idiotic comments.
They say: "I wanted to take my high heels, but I did not want to be for the bitch." 
WRR ....  
The weather is strange, there is a snow in the High Tatras and High Tatras Moto weekend was perfect. :) 

Dress:Primark, Blouse: Second Hand, Tights: Bepon, Earring: H&M, Bracelets: Pimkie, Headband: H&M


 Someone say that people gamble with life. But this is not true. The life gambles with us. It plays ugly gameswith our guardian angels, who "throw" their wings in game. Later they play the strike and we are there, where we want not to be. Happiness runs in front of us, the angel sits without wings, lie has shorter legs thanusual, black match not with white and the world is heading towards destruction. And so, slowly but surely, can we can drink the wine with the angel (or the tea). Finally, the wings are not as important, you can flywithout them too. Just drink a Red Bull, or borrows from Superman mantle. Once you save the world. 

Skirt: Second-hand (TOPSHOP), Blouse, shoes, bag: Second-hand

I'll Always Remember You

 The fashion world bloggers  are for me very good source of inspiration and information from the world of fashion, because most of them occur at the most famous fashion week and through their blogs, I can see how it looks and runs there. They are very talented and have a rich imagination, because looking at their creative models often retain the breath.   
Btw. I love the quality of my photos :DD

Btw. No. 2: This skirt you already have seen, I know. But I love it so!

Skirt: H&M, Vest: Second-hand (Street one), T-shirt: Second-hand (H&M)

Nobody's gon' tell me I can't

 When I woke up, first thing I saw was pink skirt and bleak rainy day. The skirt was screaming on me: "Take me!". I could not let it lie on the shelf. But I had a problem. How to combine it? More neons? It was here already. I therefore decided to add it something simpler.
Basic colors such as beige, gray or cream are good choice, when you want to make your outfit a bit elegant. 

Skirt, Shoes: F&F, Scarf, Blazer: Second-hand, Dress worn as top: 

when the sunshine comes to town

 Ecstasy of freedom, blue sky, the sun high overhead, leopard on the legs, salmon in the chest, curly hair,aching feet, preparing for tomorrow's performance. that was my day. 

Shoes: Second-hand (Atmosphere), Pants: Poland, Shirt: Orsay, Sweater: H&M, Blazer: H&M

Blazer and skirt

Tights and flats

Dress: New Yorker, Blazer: Second-hand, Bag: F&F, Sunglasses: Camaieu

Some outfits


Unknown said...

You are gorgeous, the outfits suit you so well.

Unknown said...

You are gorgeous and each outfit suits you so well.