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 Tomorrow 2017 will be history. Time to review and reflect the past year. Not only the highlights but also maybe something that did not quite run according to your own ideas should be, at least, mentally analyzed again. Self-reflection is a good tool for understanding your own goals
 My year 2017 brought many positive experiences. In January 2017 my most successful blogger year began when I was allowed to join the jury at Miss Earth Switzerland when the wonderful Sarah Laura Peyrel was named Miss Earth Switzerland 2017. Also in January 2017 I went together with Weleda on my first press trip to Vienna.
 In February, I attended the Swiss Music Awards for the first time and, for the second time, Switzerland’s largest fashion show, Mode Suisse. The trips should continue in March, together with my family I visited the Disneyland in Paris. Also in March, I visited for the first time the largest watch and jewelery fair Baselworld in Basel and was even able to try on the latest models at Gucci, Fendi and Co. In April, the Fashion Hotel in Zurich took place at the Kameha Grand. With Cosentino, I also visited Milan Design Week in Milan for the first time in April.
 In May, I visited Geneva at the Hotel N’vy Geneva for a pop-up event. For the first time, I was also allowed to attend the Energy Fashion Night in Zurich. In June Wellness on the farm was announced in the beautiful canton of Bern. The Fashion Week in Berlin took place in July, it was a lot of fun to be present at the various fashion shows. Despite the rainy weather I was able to wear summery outfits. At the events I met bloggers again, which I had never met live before. In July, I also traveled with Weleda to the beautiful Weleda Garden and helped harvest the calendula.
Before I could recover in the mountains of Livigno and toured the countryside with an e-mountain bike. It officially became official in August I had my master’s degree in law in my pocket. Reason enough to get to know your own surroundings a bit better and to spend your holiday in Central Switzerland. In autumn, Mode Suisse once again took place in Zurich. At the weekend we went to the Swiss mountains to St. Moritz. At the end of October, I already celebrated my 27th birthday. As a reward, my BFF went to Baden-Baden. Finally I made it to Paris just 2 weeks ago, a visit to the Eiffel Tower is definitely on the bucket list in case you’ve never been there before.

Now for my New Year’s Eve look main ingredient is the Little Black Strapless in my case and H & M, I wore this dress so often, because it just always fits. The beautiful golden fishnet stockings from Falke, there is not much to say. My cape-jacket makes sure that I do not feel cold. The beautiful heels with flower application and the great bag with stud application are from
What was your 2017 and what are your intentions and goals for 2018?


 Glossy varnish clothing is a current trend, rightly combined, a varnish mini skirt looks super stylish. In my today’s look it’s get rocking.

If you should ask yourself why I’m rumbling in the t-shirt, no it’s not a picture of last month. But autumn showed itself again from his sunny side, last week, at least here in Lucerne

Best opportunity to present a super rocking and stylish look. The mini skirt in the varnish look is a fashion statement. And yes, you definitely fall on ^^ Because varnish clothing has still a rather wicked reputation, this makes those pieces real eye-catcher. The Mini is by Even & Odd by Zalando.

When combining the look, however, it is important to create a certain balance, so a simple statement-shirt in white fits perfectly to the varnish mini. An equally daring part would simply be too much.  I wear beautiful wine-torn hole net tights by Falke to round it up.

The pretty ankle boots are of the current Ellie Goulding collection by Dosenbach and an absolute must-have. Because they can be combined so well, whether it’s like with a mini skirt or jeans. They are also super comfortable and inexpensive.

To this look clean jewelry fits well as my black gold watch by Rosefield. Even if some passers-by don’t like the look, I think it’s a great one 😉 In fashion is always synonymous for creativity, otherwise we would probably all forever and eternal wearing jeans and T-shirt’s.

So I can only advise you to go your way in fashion as long as you like it. And if you decide differently in a few years, you have at least something to smile on.

How do you like the look? Do you like the varnish Mini or is it too much for you?



 Many of you are certainly feel like me, how fast the time flies. The year 2016 is soon already history. The annual transfer will be celebrated tomorrow. We leave what happened behind us and reflect.
 Let us reflect briefly the year 2016 and look at the future together. This of course not without many sequins ^ ^

the outfit

On New Year’s Eve, not only the corks will popping, also our outfits and make-up looks may be slightly more conspicuous than usual. I chose a sequin dress accompanied by silver accessories and a fake fur jacket.

  • Sequin dress with triangle pattern by Vero Moda
  • Fake Fur Jacket by H & M
  • Black stockings
  • Silver glitterheels by New Look
  • Silver bag online
  • Silver jewelery set with rhinestones


 On saturday is christmas 2016 begins, besides the gifts and the feast, the outfit ha also to be carefully selected. Just at Christmas we try to make everything as beautiful as possible, the Christmas tree shines and the table is festively laid out. Today I will show you my outfit for the Christmas meal with the family.

the look

Especially if you like me celebrate christmas with the family in a small circle, it would be too much to come in the cocktail dress. Perfectly matching this comfortable knit dress by Yes or No, the knitted cardigan with opulent artificial fur collar (can be unbuttoned if it is too much;)) and golden accessories.

Black Pumps always fit, these are decorated with stress applications. The nails I have also painted in gray-silver matching to the dress.
 Personally, I always look forward to the traditional festivities, which are prepared according to our family tradition. Of course, I will prepare it myself 😉 For some years, the Christmas tiramisu has also been established, there is no better excuse to eat this sweet sin. Do you have a traditional Christmas dish?

What I’m wearing

Of course, I’m wearing my current favorite color gray, I like it because it is so versatile. I use the colors silver, gold and white for the christmas decorations, you can see this soon on my Christmas tree. I always decorate one.

  • Gray dress by Yes or No by Manor for CHF 39.90
  • Black Avant-Premiere by Manor knitted vest with fake fur collar by CHF 69.90
  • Vlutch Gold (purchased online)
  • long gold necklace by Avant-Premiere by Manor for CHF 14.90
  • Golden ear plug Avant-Premiere by Manor for CHF 9.90
  • Pumps with some bling (from my shoe collection ^^)


 Hello my dears
It’s time again for an outfit inspiration. This time I was in Zurich to taking these pictures. The name of my outfit noble and classy.

Many of you have surely noticed the hype about the Designer cooperation of Balmain and H&M. I have found three pieces of this collection, but online without mass inertia. It’s now a bit of time has passed, but those clothes are not wearing it anyway every day. Today I wanna show you one of these pieces.
 As a contrast, and for more coolness I took a washed jeans.

What I’m wearing:

  • velvet blouse Balmain H & M
  • black coat of Primark
  • washed jeans from Primark
  • black bag by Love Moschino
  • pumps of Vögele Shoes
  • stocking socks
Especially nice looks the velvet pattern on the blouse. I also have a conscious decision not to wear jewelry in this outfit.

Characteristic of BALMAIN are the shoulder pads, although I’m not a huge fan of shoulder pads, but they look really beautiful on this blouse. The shoulder pads are suitable for the imperial style of the blouse too.
Have you also buy a piece from the Balmain collection or aren’t you interested in such cooperations?  How do you like this outfit of me?
I always look forward to your comments and reviews 🙂


 This Monday, I was at the Mode Suisse 12 a Fashion Show in Zurich to once again discover the great collections of Swiss designers. The Fashionshow with 12 labels was super designed. Today I would like to tell you more about it and present my outfit for the Mode Suisse.

 Yes, this outfit certainly belongs to the more striking variety. But I wanted to make a look with Fishnet Tights for so long. On Monday it seemed to me just super suitable. This great skirt I found at H&M, I love the animal leopard print and the asymmetrical cut.

There were presented 12 different labels at Mode Suisse. The show has been opened by the special guest De Niz Christa de Carouge. The models presented the rather special looks while there was epic sound running. This was followed by the looks of Yvy, a label already discovered by Hollywood stars. Collective Swallow has presented unusual creations as well. A cooperation between Ladina Steiniger and SOL SOL ITO, creative designs for women were created. Before Adrian Reber presented his men’s collection. LIDA NOBA and Kevin Germanier presented both their beautiful creations, the latter scored with a lot of glitter and the most beautiful earrings of the evening.
 My super comfortable ankle boots by Dosenbach carried me stylishly through the evening. The Hard Rock Café Shirt I bought during my stay in Cologne this spring. It fits perfectly to the rocking look. My watch, by the way, is by Mockberg. The Moon Choker by Todaysdesigner, a wonderful jewelery designer from Geneva.

The show continued with the Head Genève represented by Xénia Laffely & Studio Master 1. Premiere at Fashion Suisse celebrated Weer. Garrison convinced through flowing cuts. Ensoie and Julian Zigerli co-operated under the name eJSZ and presented a “See-now-buy-now” Unisex Capsule Collection. The furniture manufacturer de Sede then presented the first collection of bags at Mode Suisse as a world premiere.
Mode Suisse 12 took place at Schiffbau in Zurich, a really great location for the Fashionshow. It almost reminded me of locations at the Berlin Fashionweek this summer

Now I am of course super strained, how do you like my look. Sure, he will surely be too much for some of you. But it is not an everyday look, but fits wonderful to go to a fashionshow. Here is a short overview of the represented labels of Mode Suisse 12.

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