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 SECOND DAY IN ZURICH James and I had the most warm welcome during our stay in Zürich at the Park Hyatt hotel in the heart of the city : close to the Paradeplatz, it seems to be the perfect spot in town with an incredible restaurant and lovely bar. We had the chance to enjoy our stay there and discover the hotel a little bit better. So after a day of running from one place to another, we enjoyed an incredible dinner followed by cocktails at their Onyx lounge where I had the most delicious watermelon drink ever in my life. Simply stunning, it was a great night and we were more than gratefull for this beautfiul lifestyle experience. James and I really appreciated Park Hyatt's spirit, the team's symphaty and dedication : either than just sticking to luxury, they bring something different to their world, not only a much more modern aspect but also the discovery part too. We've enjoyed every bit of our stay, from the breakfast in the room ( succulent poached eggs and bacon for James, fruits and cereals for me) to the lunch and supper : it was a blast.

I started the day with this gorgeous new Zara pencil leather skirt, which by the way I am so in love with, to an accent hat and some bold golden jewerly. Finally ended up changing for jeans since it got much colder during the day. James and I had a big pleasure attending a press conference at the Gant showroom in Zürich with two other lovely swiss bloggers. James found himself a gorgeous shirt and I loved discovering the beautiful history of the brand Gant : the whole spirit behing it is amazing. The main spirit goes around the american student style, with bold colours and college logos. As a matter of fact, students and proffessors of Yale were the actual first customers of the brand : quite impressiv isn't it? As you can imagine this isn't obvisously the brand that would instantly fit to my feminin and structured style, yet I loved the fact that they have stayed so true to themselfes and have been so creative with their various designs. They've kept their original spirit throughout the years and I find it quite admirable. We have spend a lovely day in Zürich and can't wait to be back on wednesday to see you guys!



SHOES : Fabi 

JEWERLY : Avant Première, Minusey, Backstage

SHIRT : Romwe


 MERRY CHRISTMAS! First of all, I hope you all guys received all you wanted under your christmas tree and the you had a great day. It has been so long since my last post my my... I guess that is how it is when you get sick. But I am so happy to be healthy again and back on the block. James and I went out yesterday to buy the last presents for family and friends so it was the perfect occasion to make some pictures.Ah, it is amazing to be back on high heels again, I missed those...
My outfit is very neutral, composed of some camel elements such as the sweater, the capeline and the clutch (thanks to for such a great gift) and finally the Just Anna Shoes.The all combined to the yeti faux-fur coat from and a few golden jewerly pieces. Let's not forget the Chanel lipstick in ''génial'' that adds the little hint of colour.

I have bought the january issue of Elle as soon as I saw Gaga on the cover, you how much I love her and her crazy excentric character she has build up. The shoot is amazing, Matt Irwin did a great job that is for sure. The styling by Nicola Formichetti is stunning aswell ( aah those Guiseppe Zanotti heels, aah this Alexander McQueen dress...),. It is definitely worth reading if you love the Lady, some quotes are memorable and made me laugh so bad. 

SHOES : Just Anna Shoes
LIPSTICK : Chanel ''Génial''
JEWERLY : Parfois and some vintage pieces.


 ETRE LIBRE DE TEMPS EN TEMPS We woke up that day very early because of the shooting and the other appointment especially at the Armand Ventilo's showroom. My hair had gone bad during this day, because of the shooting I had the hair as hige as an air-baloon. It was quiet impressiv, and I had to clean it at least 4 times to get it back at it's normal texture. At the end of the day James and I were able to take a long walk in the city do relak a bit after such a stressfull day : it felt too good. Paris is so lovely during the fall season.

I received this Motelrocks dress since long time ago but never had idea how to wear it. It would have looked stunning during summer time, however here is how I wear it for fall. With some black tights and low boots for a little rock and chic outfit. The back of dress is my favourite part, I love the black bands on it : it gives to the grament all it's uniqueness.

DRESS : Motelrocks
BOOTS : Zara
BAG : Louis Vuitton


 HOT COLOURS I am not saying that my outfit is ''genial'' as you may have supposed. No, actually the name of this post is dedicated to my favourite lipstick of the month which is called as perhaps you have understood ''genial'', and the name fits quite good to this bright pink colour, number 187 of the chanel rouge allure collection. I always said it, for me the lipstick colour is a part of the outfit, and here it adds this little original touch.

Well I guess I have finally decided to wear a jacket, and I think it is a good decision, even though I will probably go on and walk around half undressed during this fall. I picked a simple black top, a faux fur Zara jacket without sleeves and a tangerine skirt matched to a bicoloured celine inspired clutch, to finally add some golden accessories. 

VEST : Zara
SHOES : Zara
SKIRT : Zara


 YELLOW DRESS AND CLOTHING LINES Welcome Monday. Spending the week-end at a friend's spa and watching Mary Poppins in bed is a real pleasure, and yet I feel energy to start the week. If you have been following my blog from it's almost beginning then you should have heard about omnitrade fashion's brand. As their showroom is in the region, we decided to start a great collaboration together. Therefore, last week I was in their showroom to choose some clothes for an upcoming giveaway that I will actually post not later than tonight. You will be able to win, either a gorgeous Isabel Lu dress or a rock and roll E-vil t-shirt, the choice will be up to you.

In the mean time, I am looking like a walking banana with my yellow dress. However I have always loved yellow, and yet I totally love this Jones & Jones dress which is prefect for summer.What I loke the most about it, is it's cut, the back is all open and it looks fun and elegant at the same time. I wanted to pair it with a necklace, made of dark red stones. The necklace does it all, no need for more accessories.

SHOES : Zara


 QUICK UPDATE Hey everybody, hope you're all doing well! James and I arrived in New York a couple of hours ago, so please : if I write a total non sense in this article, please note that I am completely jet-lagged and can't even count correctly how much fingers I have on my hands... Honestly, even though we are quite used to travelling, still ending up on the other corner of the world doesn't really suit my body. So tonight I am definitely going to sleep tight like a baby, hopefull I won't wake up because it's lunch time back in Switzerland

We decided to do quickly these pictures as we were running to a dinner with Lancôme. I decided to go for a chic night look with something elegant, polished and modern at the same time so I just paired an In Love Fashion jumpsuit to some bold red lipstick. Indeed, this year the exciting news is that we are teaming up with Lancôme, who are our exclusive and official sponsors during our stay in NY for fashion week, we will show you guys all the new beauty trends! A huge thanks to the amazing Lancôme team, as well as to Rebecca Minkoff and Sigerson Morrisson for the lovely gifts.

JUMPSUIT : In Love With Fashion
NECKLACES : Caratime ''Lulu Frost'' and Mango
SHEOS : Kat Maconie


That day, we were trully lucky with the weather. Usually it's always super cold near the lake but I felt like wearing something light and picked out this classic ''turtle neck'' which is quite the perfect piece for cool days (and adds a lot of chic to the look in my opinion, timeless one I tell you). I paired it to some simple details such as this faux leather gray skirt and new necklace from Style Sofia which somehow reminds me one similar that I spotted by YSL. And still... I can't get enough of these Zara booties. They are really so damn comfortable, and by the way for sale right now. Enjoy the pictures guys and oh, wish you all in advance a happy new year (a very special article is coming out on the 1st)!  

TOP & SHOES : Zara
CLUTCH : Vintage
NECKLACE : StyleSofia


 SHOOTING TIME This article follows the previous one, so if you guys remember James and I have spent our saturday with the lovely Stylight team and enjoyed a really fun schedule. After a long breakfast followed by a presentation and various showroom visits with all the bloggers who were invited to take part in the experience, it was time to go to the mysterious Stylight shooting. We didn't know much about how it was going to be until we arrived : instead of standing we had to lay down on the floor surrounded by hearts made of clothing stacks. I had a little sneak peek of the results and it looks like it is really promising and quite awesome! When we arrived at the studio, we enjoyed a pleasant lunch before getting pampered. We got our hair and nails done by the lovely Pony Club team who made us look gorgeous. Then make-up time, just a little refresh up before shooting. Once again, everything was so well organised : James and I enjoyed every single little bit of this whole experience and we can't wait to see the pictures. 

On the same day I had an interview and mini shooting planned with the lovely Fan-Ning from VOGUE tawain, she was kind enough to come to our shooting location in order to ask a couple of question about the blog and it's evolution. We had the opportunity to sit down, relax and simply chat. The interview will be available on Vogue.TW during the month of november and I will for sure keep you updated with the news. After all that, James and I decided to explore the place and decided to snap a couple of shots in a very modern room of the studio : all white with just a couple of old chairs in the corners. Our plans for the night consisted in a cozy dinner at the Heart private club in the center of Munich which I will  make sure to talk to you about in tomorrow's post. Thanks again to all the Stylight team for this amazing day, everything was so much fun!

DRESS : Minusey
BOOTS : Zalando Collection
NECKLACE : Lulu Frost


ONE DAY, TWO STOPS Well first of all, as I am posting these pictures something stroke me : James is getting better and better each day isn't he? I mean, I remember when we started the blog and the pictures were just ''okay'' but now I am so fascinated with his photography and his vision. It's quite amazing, we  might just be walking in the street and he would go like ''STOP, the light is just perfeect'' (such a photographer thing to say...). I am feeling just so gratefull for his amazing work, and we both are so incredibly glad that you folks seem to enjoy it too! A shoutout was indeed needed. You know guys, after a long moment of reflexion, I truly believe that a purpose of a blog is the evasion and the inspiration (because believe me, I have tried to analyse why blogs have become so big those past years for a while now, and well it's like trying to analyse a joke : it ruins it). I am not trying to spread a message through my outfit pictures (if just be yourself and enjoy) but I am hoping to inspire you guys in a way or another and to make you travel through the pictures you see! That is also why I am so addicted to blogs, I read so many of them and keep going back all the time because it is a little escape to another world, an opened window to someone's world which I believe is so fascinating. So blogging isn't very... deep, if I may say so, well at least not in my perspective though there are of course various aspects which are so interesting to learn about. It is actually quite a simple concept but you know, sometimes it's the most simple things that bring us the biggest pleasure and joy. 

James and I have spent our friday at the Edelweiss showroom in Geneva, after a long drink with some lovely swiss bloggers, we had the chance to walk through the various floors of the Tiffany hotel and discover some amazing swiss designers. So as you might understand, there were no guest staying in the rooms which were used as a little shoowroom for each brand who presented their pieces. It was such a great opportunity for me since it is always quite difficult to discover swiss fashion labels : and I can tell you. I got some serious crushes. Especially on the brands Blackpool, Avinas and Bahina Jewels. I will make sure to talk to you about those a little more in some future articles. We had such a pleasure to attend this year's Edelweiss showroom, it was a great experience. After that, we headed to the Open Fashion Night party in Lausanne, organised by the Open magasine, where we could enjoy a lovely evening with some friends. For the occasion I had to choose an outfit that would work for the day and the night, and let's say that most of my outfits fit for both so it wasn't very difficult. My tip however would be to take two pair of shoes with you if you want to switch quickly from a day to a night outfit, plus add a touch of bold lipstick for the party and you're done. I have chosen a Three Floor white dress matched to a Minusey blazer and the killing detail : my new Lulu Frost Offshore necklace which I am so obcessed with. You guys must have been tired of seeing my Zara green statement necklace, well now I am going to stalk you with this one! I got it through Caratime, they have such amazing jewerly pieces,  this one clearly stood out to me and I couldn't wait to wear it.  


DRESS : Three Floor

BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Carmen Steffens
LIPS : M.A.C ''Diva''
RING : Aldo
BAG : Louis Vuitton

Varius outfit

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