Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lara from Serbia


The Pencil Skirt

Blouse:Boutique, Skirt: Vintage, Shoes: Novecento, Bag: New Yorker, Belt: New Look


Jumper: C&A, Dress/skirt: New Look, Boots: Studio In, Bag:D&G

February is probably the worst month of the year. Not only are you stuck at home, it`s also very cold, and you wish to sleep the whole day. Whenever I`m outside, I think how boring the snow got, and how I can`t wait for the weather to get warmer so I could at least sit on the branch and walk a bit longer. Also it is bad for the photography, because it gets dark too quickly and photos turn out very blurry.
I have to say, this outfit is perfect for this time of the year. It is comfy, warm and at the same time it looks nice and approachable. If you would ask me how do I look everyday (when I go outside, to university and etc.), this would probably be an answer to that question. I`m usually trying to keep it simple, and "spice" it up with interesting details :)

New Look dress

Dress: New Look, Shoes: Novecento, Bag: D&G

This dress is probably the one that I wouldn`t normaly try in the shops, but I somehow did, and I loved it. It is amazing how well it fits, and it makes you look like a real lady, and that`s definitely the look I wanted to achieve. I thought of lifting my hair, but I figured it looks too business-like. I guess wavy moussed hair makes it more casual and wearable.

Bordeaux Skirt

Top: Terranova
Cardigan: Vintage
Bag: Gift
Skirt: Chinese shop


.............this skirt was one of those things I really "needed" to have. I found it in a chinese shop, while walking with friends and I just had to buy it. Sometimes  you can run into amazing stuff in the most unexpected places, and I should definitely do that more often! As I said before, it`s not all about brands. 

Chanel Tweed Blazer

Chanel tweed blazer
Zara shoes
H&M pants
Terranova shirt
H&M necklace

Something old + Something new = Something FUN!

Skirt: Vintage
Top: Crossfire
Chains: from random boutique
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Symbol
Sunglasses: Vintage

Business Woman

................I dressed up little bit professional or more likely as a business woman. On top of that, I find myself too young for such a dress code, and therefore I spiced it up with a shorter skirt.

Holiday look

Mix and Match

Jeans: Pull&Bear, Trench coat: No brand, Top: Boutique from Balkanska street, Boots: H&M, Necklace:H&M

The past days I`ve been studying 24/7, and it made me miss my blog so much! I have to admit, I became so hooked on blogging, that I can`t imagine my life without taking photos and making random outfits from my closet. Even when I start working, this will probbably be like my second profession where I can relax and enjoy myself as much as possible. Not only that, but I`ll be able to shop pretty often, which would only make me want to post much more. All of that is a great motivation that helps me want to finish University as fast as I can. What do you think of this outfit? I wanted to keep it simple, and yet colorful.


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