Saturday, January 26, 2013


Wished skirt in action

 Yesterday finally I received skater skirt. I found similar quite long time but no one of them fits me. This one I found on New look, I risked without proofing and it fits me. For the forst time I matched it with my favourite stripes - Lindex t-shirt from collection Holly&Whyte.I've got a lot of ideas with another combination. In my opinion it's one of thinf which is good for matching and it can cojure nice twiggy waist.

New look skirt
Lindex t-shirt
Calzedonia tights
Camaïeu booties
Longchamp handbag

Stripped drees

 October 28th has got for me big importance and no for that it's public holiday but this day I celebrate anniversary with my boyfriend. We planned go for sushi after long time but this plan was destroyed by virosis which we both had and we stood at home. One day later we went to the cinema to watch new Bond Skyfall as a little compensation. For this occassion I decided for stripped dress which I wore for the first time but it has been in my wardrobe some time. I matched it with neutral ground and burgundy handbag.
What do you think about new Bond movie

F&F dress
Calzedonia tights
Ebay booties
Calvin Klein handbag
Lindex for Missoni pink bracelet
Lindex black bracelet

Dots, sailor blue and nude

Yesterday was probably last day in this year when I wore dotted tights. I like these tights match with dark skirt (but some pastel colour will be also good) and with nude pumps. This all mix with warm cardigan and lace top. Today I wore thicker thights. Furthermore, when it's outside freeze, I feel much more warmer in warm tights and skirt than in pants. 
Amisu skirt
H&M cardigan
Lindex top
Calzedonia tights
Asos pumps and handbag
Bentime watch

Shades of brown and nude

 Greetings to all my readers from my new appartment. Finally I moved but I don't have all my things, shoes are still in boxes and some stuff are in old flat.
I got autumn mood because I wear more often drker colour than the pastel.

Topshop skirt
Orsay blazer
Mango jumper
F&F tights
Asos pumps
Carpisa handbag
Fendi scarf

Pleated skirt

 Friday's outfit was made from my favourite pleated skirt and striped t-shirt.
Orsay top
Camaïeu top
Camaïeu pleated skirt
F&F tights
Young Spirit heels
Marc B. (Asos) handbag
Asos and Forever 21 bracelets

White skirt
 I decided today for mix black and nude. I didn't feel warm in pumps but I'm not interested to wear still ankle booties and boots. My sister found for me air cuff which I wanted originally in gold but they had only this in out city and I like this one much more than gold one. I know that every blogger has got it but it looks really good in hair. :)

Clockhouse jumper
Topshop skirt
Calzedonia tights
Humanic pumps
Marc B. (Asos) handbag
DIY t-shirt
H&M hair cuff

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