Friday, January 25, 2013

Sabrina from Itali

Long pleated skirt

Bik Bok dress; Sheinside skirt, Calzedonia tights, Primadonna shoes, CludioPietros earrings, vintage bag, vintage necklace.

Merry Christmas


I was wearing
Bik-bok t-shirt
Chicwish skirt
Principessa Glam earrings
Radà necklace
Radà  bracalet
Calzedonia tights
Oasap shoes

Circle skirt

I was wearing
vintage jacket
Chicwish skirt
Primadonna shoes

Sexy dress

Once upon a time... a day when I have decided to take some romantic, sweet (funny) photos with two big big rabbits! I have decided to dress like a little, sweet (strange) princess in white.
I have been wearing a brocade corset, fluffy and soft skirt, and "heartly" tights.

I was wearing
Oasap skirt
Calzedonia tights
Zara Shoes
Pepy&Menta bracelet
H&M ring

High Waist Skirt

It looked like it was summer summer some weeks ago, now is still cold and we are waiting for spring. Yesterday there was an uncertain weather. In the morning I choose a summer outfit, but in the afternoon I decided to wear a purple turtleneck and high waist skirt.

I was wearing
Sisley skirt
H&M collar
H&M maxi clutch
Calzedonia tights
Primadonna shoes

Sexy lace skirt

Goodmorning! Today is the Epiphany day and today will finish Christmas holidays, tomorrow I will be in Florence and than I'll come back to Rome to study. In these days I have taken photos without my coat, the temperature was good.
I have worn my high waist skirt, if it is used in a right way can valorize your silhoutte. I have combined it with my green sweater and a bow-belt to emphazises the waist.
I was wearing

H&M belt
Mango skirt
Calzedonia tight
Primadonna shoes
ring from Sicily

Black dress

Here it is my favourite outfit created with Movenze Show Room in Telese Terme. It is basic an monochrome but it is simply perfect. What do you think about it?
I really like the contrast between some red detail and a total black outfit.
Today's weather is really bad, here, in Telese, I hope I'll be able to take some outfit's pic.

I was wearing

H&M hat
Caractère Dress thank to Movenze
Sisley clutch
Caractère jacket thank to Movenze


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