Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rania from Greece


I was wearing :

turtleneck vintage 
skirt Zara
bracelet h&m
sunglasses Dior Homme
bag Love Moschino
Steve Madden pumps
I'm so into combining pencil skirts with big knits at the moment, it looks chic and ladylike but in a kind of effortless and really up-to-date way. If you think this red turtleneck, the first thought about it is wearing it with jeans or casual pants. But you know what, I just love it with this gray checked pencil skirt, it's all about effortless elegance and femininity. Finishing the look in a totally ladylike way, meaning heels, fur bag and some jewelry. 

Mustard and Purple

I was wearing :

trench coat toi&moi
turtleneck Zara
tights Calzedonia
tote bag Calvin Klein
pumps Zara 
Who said tights are boring? Don't be afraid of the tights' months my friends, for these little pieces can be also a wonderful fashion accessory and a great detail to your look. Just go for the fancy ones. And if the printed ones seem like too much to you, then you can also choose them in an interesting color. The variety is so wide, that you're definitely going to end up with more than one pair in your hands. So here I am, starting my tights' months with a beautiful pair in purple. I wanted to enrich the purple touch on this look so I added purple pumps and tote bag and made a big contrast with the mustard trench coat and turtleneck. I totally love this color combo, it's pleasantly different and looks kind of happy.

Autumn Colors

I was wearing :

shirt & booties Zara 
jeans Lee
belt h&m
floppy hat Berschka 
bag Axel accessories
Photos of my Saturday outfit for a relaxing afternoon spent with Dimitris at the park. As soon as autumn makes its appearance I love wearing neutral colors, either as details or even more on total outfits. So this is what today's outfit is all about, different camel and beige shades mixed in a comfortable and effortless weekend look.

Romantic Fall

I was wearing :

dress Oasis 
cardigan vintage
belt FullagSugah
bag  Oasap
sunglasses Asos
shoes Miu Miu
One of the things I love more about fashion is all the different possibilities it can offer : you can choose a different style every day, from retro or romantic to androgynous or rock, or mix details of different styles in one look. And the style you choose reflects your mood as well of course, making you feel a kind of different person every day. In any case, it's definitely really really fun. So about today's look, it's a super girly romantic look, with some retro references like the checkered shoes or the print of the dress. I chose one of my favorite dresses combined with a cardigan which makes it less summery and it's actually a great way to wear your summer dresses at the first days of fall.

These Shoes

I was wearing :

top Rachel Zoe
skirt Zara
sunglasses Asos 
earrings Cavalli
shoes Badgley Mischka
This is how I decided to wear for the first time these beautiful shoes that I had show you the other day : on a chic and very feminine look, well definitely not an everyday outfit - it's appropriate only for evening or night time but these shoes make want to dress up all the time (well at least even more than usually :D). For their first appearance I wanted to wear them with basic colors so they can stand out even more. Therefore this wonderful nude Rachel Zoe top, a new in to my closet, was the best choice. I adore how it surrounds the neck leaving a long ribbon at the back, such a pretty detail. 

Another Era

I was wearing :

coat Killah
tweed dress vintage
blouse & heels Zara
belt & clutch FullagSugah
tights pull&bear
sunglasses Asos
bracelet Miss Sixty
Since I remember myself, I always wanted to live in another era. Sometimes in the Rococo period so I can walk around like Marie Antoinette, sometimes in the feminine 20's and other times in the magical 50's when all the great designers were creating. After I watched the film "Midnight in Paris" a couple of months ago, which I highly recommend you to see, I realized that this is like a "syndrome", probably affecting romantic people the most. We've got to admit that, despite all the negative sides of our time, there also are so many unbelievably amazing things. However, although I've learned to appreciate my era, I can't deny that I still adore the style of former periods. Therefore I love adding touches of them on my outfits.

Yellow Fur

I was wearing :

faux fur Forel
skirt Toi&moi
blouse Mango
socks Calzedonia
pumps Zara
Honestly, no matter how fashion-forward you may be, hearing these two words "yellow fur", don't you expect something really extreme? And pretty unusual too? Although I'd like to say that I was the one brave enough to buy something like this, the truth is that I wasn't. Guess what, my super-duper mom bought this fabulous piece. Looking at her closet (like I always do) the other day I saw it and almost scream. Except of the fact that it's a fur (faux one), that you know how much I love, it also has this amazing vivid yellow color. So so beautiful. 

Call it a Dress

I was wearing:

top Asos
skirt Zara
clutch axel accessories
nailpolish Essie
shoes Miu Miu
The fact that I take my photos for the blog during the day usually makes me wear day outfits, made for morning or evening time. This is not one of them. I decided to go for a more formal, ladylike and very feminine outfit which, especially now that Christmas are on the way and parties and events are usually coming up, is even more suitable. This is one of my ideal outfits for such occasions, because it's the kind of outfit that doesn't go unnoticed yet it's not overdone. I love this top with the polka dots see-through sleeves and worn with this skirt at first it gives the impression that they are actually a dress, how cool. Wearing them with my beloved Miu Mius and my hair tied in a low ponytail, I wouldn't want them to hide this beautiful top. The light blue clutch and nailpolish I wear add a small touch of color, just enough so everything isn't black. I also tried a smokey eyes look which looked much more intense in reality, but the strong sun softened the result.


When my young brother bought me this clutch about two years ago I didn't thought that I'd wear it a lot. It's actually the second time I wear it. But as most of you may have seen yellow clutches are a big trend lately! Seems that my brother has a fashion instinct eventually, I should be proud I guess :). From the time I saw this trend I wanted to wear it with another fluo color. What's your opinion about mixing different fluo colors together?
Some of my friends were with me and Dimitris when we were taking these photos today so I took advantage of it and asked them to take us some photos together (thank you Nick!) . His outfit is completely different than mine, just neutral colors. Well fluo is not for boys :P .

Όταν ο μικρός μου αδερφός μου πήρε αυτό το clutch πριν δύο χρόνια περίπου δεν πίστευα ότι θα το κρατούσα πολύ. Και βασικά είναι η δεύτερη φορά που το κρατάω. Αλλά όπως ίσως έχετε δει οι περρισσότεροι τα κίτρινα clutches είναι μεγάλο trend τελευταία! Φαίνεται ότι ο αδερφός μου έχει το ένστικτο της μόδας τελικά, πρέπει να είμαι περήφανη υποθέτω :) . Από την πρώτη φορά που είδα αυτό το trend ήθελα να το κρατήσω με ένα ακόμη fluo χρώμα. Εσείς τι πιστεύετε για το ταίριασμα διαφορετικών έντονων χρωμάτων μαζί;
Κάποιοι φίλοι μου ήταν μαζί με μένα και τον Δημήτρη όταν βγάζαμε αυτές τις φωτογραφίες σήμερα γι'αυτό το εκμεταλλεύτηκα και τους ζήτησα να μας βγάλουν μερικές φωτογραφίες μαζί (ευχαριστώ Νίκο!) . Το outfit του είναι τελείως διαφορετικό απ'το δικό μου, μόνο ουδέτερα χρώματα. Εντάξει τα fluo δεν είναι για τα αγόρια :Ρ .

xxx Rania

I was wearing:

top & skirt Zara
bag gifted
tights Calzedonia
shoes old


After almost an entire month of cold and very low temperatures, sunny days have finally made an appearance here in Greece. I really hope they last because of a very important and serious reason : I can't wait to wear pastel colors and light textures! And you are free to judge my superficiality, I can't blame you really.
As for today's outfit now, bronze and gold make a wonderful combination with cream - the result doesn't look dark and it's great to wear it even in morning time. The vivid fuchsia lipstick stands out on this outfit, adding a youthful and fun touch. Oh and wearing these wedges with tights may not be easy to dare, but they really make a statement!

Μετά από σχεδόν έναν μήνα με κρύο και πολύ χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες, επιτέλους ξαναήρθε ο ήλιος εδώ. Ελπίζω πραγματικά να κρατήσει για έναν πολύ σημαντικό και σοβαρό λόγο : ανυπομονώ να φορέσω παστέλ χρώματα και πιο ελαφριές υφές! Και μπορείτε ελεύθερα να με πείτε επιφανειακή, δεν σας κατηγορώ.
Όσο για το σημερινό outfit τώρα, το μπρονζέ με το χρυσό κάνουν έναν υπέροχο συνδυασμό με το κρεμ - το αποτέλεσμα είναι φωτεινό και είναι πολύ ωραίο ακόμη και για πρωινές ώρες. Το έντονο φούξια κραγιόν ξεχωρίζει σε αυτό το outfit, δίνοντας μια νεανική και χαρούμενη πινελιά. Α και ίσως να μην είναι εύκολο να τολμήσει κάποιος το καλσόν με πέδιλα, αλλά πραγματικά κάνουν statement!

xx Rania

I was wearing :

knit Zara
skirt Toi&moi
bag Zara
tights h&m
necklace Topshop
wedges Burberry
sunglasses Dior
nailpolish Chanel peridot

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