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Joseph Ribkoff Fashion- & Tips for How to Style a Jacket with that Dress

 With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I’ve had my eye out for the perfect Valentine’s Day Dress! I recently came across a beautiful brand of fashion that creates gorgeous formal dresses, party and cocktail dresses, and more!
While the brand is certainly not new but has actually been around since 1957, I’ve found myself eyeballing the exquisite spring collection from Joseph Ribkoff, drooling over one-of-a-kind dresses sure to be the center of attention in the room for whatever event you’ll be attending soon.
For Valentine’s Day, I picked a gorgeous daytime red dress and a very lovely little black dress for evening, bedazzled with some gorgeous eye-catching stones!

 Gorgeous Dresses right? Since it’s still cold most places here in the US around Valentine’s Day, I have found myself often dishing out advice on how to correctly style dresses with jackets- Because one certainly does not fit all! Read on for my tips for styling your dress this V-day, and for the rest of the cold wintery season!

Sexy Off the Shoulder Flared Blue Jumpsuit

Red and White Striped shirt and Fun Fashion tights

A Solution to Too-Short Skirts and Dresses, and a Fabulous Dress Review from SheInside

 Warm weather has finally arrived, and finally we can put away the tights, coats, and jackets for another year. This time of year has always got me thinking pretty spring dresses and sandals.
I found this long sleeved mini floral print ruffle dress from SheInside. I love the long sleeves for this time of year. It can still be a little cool here, especially when the breeze is out, which is quite often here in Wyoming. But I’m thrilled this dress shows a little leg too, and actually I ran into something crazy this time, I don’t know how I haven’t thought of this earlier. Being 5’10, I buy a lot of dresses and skirts, especially from overseas, and they usually end up being way to short on me. I like to show some leg, but I hate feeling uncomfortable because the dress or skirt is just an inch or two, too short.
When I got this dress, it was a little on the uncomfortable short side, but I found a vegan leather skirt in my closet and wore it under, and ta da! Added length! I feel much more comfortable in this shorter dress, and I think the vegan leather actually looks like its almost built into this dress. I was so happy when I figured this little trick out, because I started thinking about lots of other dresses I have in my closet that I have to be feeling brave to wear because they are a bit too short, but now I have found the perfect solution! Think I will be picking up a few more skirts in solid, neutral colors, in the future to help expand my wardrobe a bit too. Now that I realize just how versatile they can actually be!
 If you haven’t shopped SheInside lately, you really need to check this online fashion shop out ladies. SheInside has such a great selection of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry and more! You can always find the latest trends here too, like overalls, geometric clothing, and more. 
Also, like I said, I shop oversea shops a bunch, and SheInside offers a lot of the similar styles, prints, and trends, you can find in other popular stores, but they are almost always less expensive! If I see something I really like, I always check SheInside first to see if they have it, because I know I can get a better deal.
Also, although SheInside is super inexpensive, their clothes are always great quality. This is the fourth item I’ve gotten from them, and I’ve always been impressed with the durability, texture, and material of their clothing. The pieces are sturdy, and not super lightweight and see-through like you tend to get with a lot of inexpensive clothing. 
The dress I’m wearing here, the Apricot Long Sleeve Contrast Floral Ruffle Dress is only $31 and comes in lots of different sizes! When I got my dress, I was impressed with how the material of the dress felt. It’s thicker and sturdy, and great quality like the other items I’ve tried from SheInside. It’s actually quite warm too, so I know I can wear this again in the fall and then with some black tights this coming winter. 
The dress is also super comfortable too, and moves great. I didn’t have any weird or uncomfortable pulling. Walking, sitting, it always felt great on, every step of the way! For only $31, you can’t ask for more than that! This dress is a steal and great for those fashionistas who like their neutrals.

I Am Floral – Hear Me Roar

 Hey Lovelies, Spring is on the way and I love that floral is popping up big time as a Huge Trend for the warmer weather once again! I’m absolutely loving this Zia Floral Stretchy Pencil Skirt from Cents of Style

Why I selected this gorgeous floral pencil skirt:

Floral has always represented femininity to me. It is so soft and flirty. But while many of us tend to look at femininity in a way of being soft itself, I associate it with strength, bravery, and power. At least now, I do.
Over the years if you had asked me to describe myself, I would’ve said I was the very definition of femininity that the “floral side” tends to represent – nice, generous, caring, loving, understanding, compassionate. While these are great qualities and I’m so glad that I feel like they represent me, the last year and a half has become one of the most trying times of my life, going through a divorce, giving up a very nice financial cushion, dealing with a broken heart, trying to stay positive when life seems to be beating you down to a pulp. What I found through such a trying experience, is that I had embraced, and become a powerful, extremely strong, passionate, brave woman. Words I never thought represented me. And in this experience, I don’t think I’ve become tough or more masculine, no, not at all. I think I became my most beautiful self, a beautiful, well-rounded woman. Finally. I embraced my femininity. It has made me strong and brave, and I was able to take on the world when I questioned for months how I could even survive it. I’ve thrived!
When I look at this gorgeous floral, feminine skirt, it represents all of the “soft” feminine qualities to me, but also the powerful, strong, feminine characteristics of a woman I developed over the last year. I look at this skirt and I see beauty. I see power, I see WOMAN.

Mini dress

 I knew there would be lots of dresses, skirts, and trousers, but I wanted to stand out a bit (I like to consistently prove I’m the more fashionable of the girls- Right sis? lol). I decided to go with a jersey grey mini dress (which I picked up from Tidebuy for only $15) It’s actually one shoulder, making it a fabulously sexy mini-dress for a night on the town, or you can tone it down like I did here by pairing it with grey leggings, and a pretty pink blazer (also from Tidebuy- only $37!) I then topped off my look with some fabulous Vegan Leather Maroon Booties with a gorgeous mirror effect down the back of the chunky heels ($25 from Tidebuy).
The outfit certainly did stand out, and while most may not associate a slinky jersey mini dress with family photos or even Thanksgiving for that matter, I loved that pairing it with this super chic and elegant blazer, and a pretty long strand pearl necklace really classed and otherwise super sexy look up.
The dress is super comfortable and thanks to the jersey material made it a breeze for packing. I pulled it out of the suitcase with no wrinkles! This is a great dress to pick up if you happen to be traveling over the holidays. It’s the perfect sexy holiday dress you can wear for a night out on the town!
The blazer is also sure to be one of my favorites for many years to come. It is made of fabulous quality, and although lightweight, it still feels luxurious and will also keep you warm when you need to cover up those bare arms for winter!
The booties are absolutely adorable and will look great with anything! Wear them with leggings like I did here, or pair them with knee high socks and your favorite knee-length skirt, or your favorite pair of skinny jeans!
Check out my Thanksgiving look from Tidebuy below (and my mom’s new kitten- he was actually feral and my nephew and I happened to tame him just in time for pics. Turns out the adorable and super sweet black kitten, who is now named Sippy, and his sister, a black and white kitten, absolutely love people):

                 The Perfect Sexy

Hey lovelies, I’m so excited to share with you yet another fabulous store I’ve found! FancyDressStore in the Amazon store, offers so many great fabulous finds, I know you’re going to love them, oh and especially their prices!
I found a really great coat, dress, cat sweater, and scarf I have my eye on! I got to try out a beautiful red dress from them recently,  the V Neck long sleeve Ruffle top dress. I adores this dress and love that it is sure to make a great statement this Valentines day!
When I got my dress, I was absolutely in love with it! The color is gorgeous and completely eye catching! It is a cotton blend, so it’s super comfortable and easy to clean too! Yay, no expensive dry cleaning for this beauty! I also love that the length says super sexy, great for that night out, but the long sleeves really give it some class and make the look completely sophisticated and elegant too!

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