Friday, November 22, 2013

Daniela from Italy

Red For Passion

 Hi girls! Nothing better than a walk with my dog Lucky under the sun of Majorca, not too warm, just wonderful. Red is a trendy colour, matched with camel or black  it´s very elegant. Normally it´s a colour that looks good on people with warm typology , in other words those who have different tones of brown hair (looks good on golden blonds as well), dark skin (or medium and pale) and brown or honey coloured eyes. So go for passion red, you´ll be in vanguard next season as well.
 Ciao ragazze! Non c’e’ niente di meglio che una passeggiata con il mio cagnolino Lucky sotto il tiepido ma splendido sole di Maiorca. Il rosso e’ un colore che va di moda, abbinato al color cammello o al nero risulta molto elegante. Principalmente e’ un colore che fa per chi appartiene ad una tipologia calda e cioe’ a chi ha la tonalita’ di capelli castani in tutte le sue sfumature ma  anche con il biondo dorato, hanno una pelle scura, media ma anche chiara con occhi marroni o miele. Avanti col rosso passione  quindi  che, anche la prossima stagione va per la maggiore.
 Hola chicas! No hay nada mejor que ir de paseo con mi perro Lucky bajo el sol de Mallorca aún templado pero maravilloso. El rojo es uno de los colores de moda, conjuntado con el camel o el negro resulta muy elegante. Mayoritariamente es un color que siente bien a las tipología cálida o sea a quien posee un tono de pelo castaño en todas sus tonalidades pero también al rubio dorado, para quien tiene la piel oscura, media y también blanca, con ojos marrones o miel. Entonces adelante con el rojo pasión, también para la próxima temporada iras a la última.
Coat – Massimo Dutti / Shoes – Fosco / Dress – Naf Naf / Bag – Cats (El Corte Ingles)/ Gloves- El Corte Inglés / Fur Collar – El Corte Ingles

Ave Maria

 Some time ago I discovered a dress in my mother’s wardrobe that reminds me of the fifties and sixties. With fashion it´s so easy to travel through time and space so as soon as I saw the dress I started to imagine the glamour of those days…
 Tempo fa ho scoperto nell’armadio di mia madre un vestito tipo  anni ´50/´60,  attraverso la moda abbiamo la possibilita’ di viaggiare nel tempo e appena l’ho visto mi sono vista catapultata in quegl’anni affascinanti e pieni di glamour…
 Hace tiempo he descubierto en el armario de mi madre un vestido que ímita los años ´50/´60, a través de la moda tenemos la posibilidad de viajar en el tiempo y en el momento en que lo vi , me imagine` en aquel tiempo fascinante y  lleno de glamour…

Coat – Rinascimento / Dress – Pinuccia Botondi / Shoes – Gloria Ortiz / Stockings – West Avenue / Bag – Fendi / Watch – Espirit / Rings & Lace Scarf – Vintage

Viva La Donna!

 I will continue to advocate that a woman should be feminine with her gestures, language, taste and whatever she´s wearing, I remember that my mother kept repeating it again and again when I was young. But of course I wanted to go my own way and experience new sensations that in the end turned out not to be so important! Therefore, to stay with the classic-modern style is essential to me and sooner or later you realize that in fashion you can try different styles but always with a touch of femininity, this is true whatever style you prefer; trash, gothic, hippie, preppy etc. Basically, all styles have a stamp that represents a particular moment in which we live and that is reflected in our daily outfit.
The black stretch skirt I wear in this look is a garment that never goes out of fashion and that marks the sinuous body of a woman with curves, in fact, the beautiful and sensual symbol of the 40s Rita Hayworth is fashionable again, maybe because as we live a life so hectic and stressful we try to turn back the clock. So, with the return of curves we wear long skirts, polka dots, bows and stiff (or round) collars to exalt an austere and a somewhat severe woman that hides her innate sensuality. Silk stockings gives the look a sexy touch; in the next post we ´ll talk a little about the impact of makeup.

Skirt – Karen Millen / Jacket – Paul & Shark / Blouse – Massimo Dutti / Shoes – Nine West / Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana/ Bag – no brand / Ring (Gold and Beryl)  - no brand / Watch – Gucci / Stockings – DIM

Gold For Valentine´s!

 Red is universally known as the colour of LOVE and usually the colour we choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this year I wanted to celebrate this day in gold. Gold, gold and gold is a must this year, it´s also the most valuable metal that very few have the privilege to have unlimited access to. I wanted to combine this dress suit with black in order to highlight the brilliance of the gold fabric, and my favorite Gucci shoes, just like I believe that it´s important to cherish and celebrate the important moments in life. February 14 is a date that lovers never forget!
Il rosso e´per antonomasia il colore dell’AMORE ed e´di solito il colore che scegliamo per festeggiare il giorno degli innamorati; io quest’anno ho voluto festeggarlo con il dorato. Oro, oro e oro un must di questa stagione; l’oro e´il metallo per eccellenza e  avvolgersi con l’oro e´un privilegio di pochi. Questo completino giacca e gonnellina corta,  l’ho voluto abbinare  al nero per rialzarne il luccichio che l’oro produce abbinate alle mie scarpe favorite di Gucci e, il risultato esalta il momento magico che vivo ogni momento,  innamorata della vita. Il 14 Febbraio una data che gli innamorati non dimentichiamo mai!
 El rojo por excelencia  el color del AMOR y  por lo general es el color que elegimos para celebrar el Día de San Valentín, este año he querido celebrar este día con el dorado. El oro, el oro y el oro es un must de esta temporada pero es también el metal mas valioso. Poder envolverse con este material es, sin duda, un privilegio de pocos. Este traje sastre, he querido combinarlo con el negro para así destacar el brillo del dorado del tejido y destacar  mis zapatos favoritos de Gucci, el resultado destaca los momentos como este que es mágico y que vivo intensamente en cada momento enamorada de la vida. El 14 de febrero es una fecha que nunca olvidamos los amantes!

Suit Dress – Massimo Dutti (fall/winter 2011/2012) / Turtleneck – Morgan de Toi (fall/winter 2011/2012) / Shoes – Gucci / Bra – Dim / Sunglasses – Roberto Cavalli / Gloves & Velvet Bag – no brand


The “sensus communis” in terms of stripes is that they make you look fatter but in fact it´s not like that, recent studies have confirmed that horizontal stripescreates an optical effect that makes you look slimmer. You might agree or not but stripes gives a sporty, or classic, touch to your look depending if they are wide or thin. Who doesn´t have a classic blue striped blouse or a blue and white sailor style shirt? Personally I like stripes and I believe that anyone look good in them in a sporty way. This spring you´ll look great in jeans, a striped blouse and rigid bracelets in the same tone. Ah, I almost forgot…  a striped bikini and you´ll be the hottest chick on the beach this summer!

Dress – Morgan de Toi / Jacket – Zara / Shoes – D’Ambra / Bracelet & Watch - Guess / Ring – Vento925 / Sunglasses – Emporio Armani / Bag – Longchamp

Dressed For Christmas

 I don´t understand why many do not like Christmas. I love this feast which is not only Christian, but a tradition, it´s also a way to stop for a moment to think about who we are and what we do in this world. Family and friends are very important this time of year and we share many memorable moments with them. This Christmas I spent in Sweden, my second home; During Christmas time Stockholm is filled with light, colour and the smell of cinnamon and you bake the famous cookies called pepparkakor that are irreplaceable in Swedish homes. On Christmas Day I chose a dress from Ted Baker in my favorite colour that I combined with red, the traditional Christmas colour. Maybe not a traditional combination of colours, but it certainly lit up the dark.

Dress – Ted Baker (A/W 2011 / Fur – Rizzo / Scarf - Armani Jeans / Shoes – Albano (A/W 2011) / Clutch – Ted Baker (A/W 2011) / Ring – Swarovski / Bracelet – Corte Inglés / Earrings – Aita / Stockings – Zara (F/W 2011)

We´re Having A Heat Wave

 It seems like yesterday when I had to dress from the neck and down to protect myself from the cold and the moisture. I wanted to get rid of heavy wool socks that oppressed me, the scarf around the neck that didn´t let me breath properly and the wool cap that ruined my hair when it was raining. But now I feel free, I enjoy the warm weather and being a bit tanned. I admit that I love shorts although I know my legs are not perfect but I can´t do without them during the summer, besides I think that they match this open-back blouse from Fornarina very well!

Shorts – Zara / Bag – Custo / Watch – Furla / Butterfly Ring – Accessorize / Sunglasses – Versace / Necklace – H&M / Shoes – Silvian Heach / Blouse - Fornarina / Bracelet – no brand

Varius outfit

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 When I first unpacked my LASHES OF LONDON parcel and saw this amazing green, metallic skirt it totally reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw. I assume that all of you know the series "Sex and the city". If I'm honest, I never watched a single episode, but I'm obsessed with the new show " The Carrie Diaries". I knew that I'll be Carrie for one day wearing this skirt. I'm still not that brave with the colors she wears in the show and that's why I went for black. Black leather jacket, black heels and the cutest Minnie Mouse tights! As for me I went crazy with the accessoires. Usually I don't like wearing earrings and necklaces at the same time but it seemed totally right thinking about Carries style and the purple clutch was the perfect match.
I can somehow identify myself with Carrie. She works for the Interview Magazine which I also had the chance while being in Berlin at the beginning of this year. She lives in a small town "next to" Manhattan. I live in a not that small town next to Frankfurt which would be my New York, haha! If you haven't done that yet you should definitely check out "The Carrie Diaries" and LASHES OF LONDON!

 Als ich mein Paket von LASHES OF LONDON ausgepackt habe und den wunderschönen, grünen, metallischen Rock sah, musste ich direkt and Carrie Bradshaw denken. Ich gehe davon aus, dass jeder von euch die Serie "Sex and the city" kennt. Wenn ich ehrlich bin, habe ich keine einzige Folge davon gesehen, aber umso mehr liebe ich die neue Show " The Carrie Diaries". Ich wusste, dass ich Carrie für einen Tag sein werde, wenn ich diesen Rock trage. Was die Farben angeht bin ich immer noch nicht so mutig und deswegen habe ich mich für schwarz entschieden. Schwarze Lederjacke, schwarze Heels und die süßesten Minnie Mouse Strumpfhosen! Ich geriet außer Rang und Band mit dem Schmuck. Eigentlich mag ich es gar nicht Ohrring und Ketten gleichzeitig zu tragen, aber es hat den Still von Carrie total getroffen und auch die lila Clutch schien perfekt zu sein.
Irgendwie kann ich mich auch mit Carrie identifizieren. Sie arbeitet für das Interview Magazin und die gleiche Möglichkeit hatte ich auch, als ich am Anfang des Jahres in Berlin war. Sie wohnt in einer kleinen Stadt "in der Nähe" von Manhattan. Ich wohne in nicht allzu kleinen Stadt in der Nähe von Frankfurt, was mein New York wäre, haha!
Wenn ihr die Serie "The Carrie Diaries" noch nicht kennt, solltet ihr diese euch schnellstmöglich anschauen und den Shop LASHES OF LONDON auschecken!
 Gdy otworzyłam paczkę od LASHES OF LONDON i ujrzałam tą piękną, zieloną, metaliczną spódnicę od razu na myśl przyszła mi Carrie Bradshaw. Chyba każdy z was zna serial "Seks w wielkim mieście". Muszę przyznać, iż nie widziałam ani jednego odcinka, ale mam obsesję ma punkcie nowego show "Pamiętniki Carrie". Wiedziałam, że nosząc tą spódnicę będę Carrie na jeden dzień. Jeśli chodzi o kolory, to jednak dalej wybieram te bezpieczne i dlatego zdecydowałam się na czerń. Czarna skóra, czarne szpilki i najsłodsze rajstopy z myszką Minnie. Można jednak powiedzieć, że zaszalałam z dodatkami. Tak na prawdę nie lubię nosić kolczyków i naszyjników jednocześnie, ale wydawało mi się to bardzo w stylu Carrie i także fioletowa torebka z złotym wykończeniem była idealna. 
W jakiś sposób mogę się także utożsamić z Carrie. Ona pracuje dla Interview Magazine i taką samą szansę miałam na początku roku, kiedy byłam w Berlinie. Carrie mieszka w małym miasteczku ''niedaleko" od Manhattanu, ja mieszkam w nieco większym mieście niedaleko od Frankfurtu, który jest moim Nowym Jorkiem, haha!
Jeśli jeszcze tego nie zrobiliście to jak najszybciej przyjrzyjcie się serialowi "The Carrie Diaries" i sklepowi LASHES OF LONDON1!


I think I am known for my red lips, but lately I really love red items. As you may know I sell bracelets and leather clutches in various colors and the red one is my favourite.  Please send me an email if you want more details.

PH: Veronica Sterk
Flats: Marc Jacobs by Hypebazaar, short: Levi's by Episode, shirt: Supertrash, blazer: Primark, glasses: H&M,  skull bracelets: By Fashionista Chloe, red clutch 


 Velluto Rosso.. Adoro il velluto, soprattutto di colore blu e rosso. Blu ,forse, perchè richiama il grande film di Lynch e la canzone di Lana, ma comunque il velluto è molto elegante, credo che sarà uno dei must di quest'inverno, anche perchè mantiene molto caldi. La gonna è Choies e potete acquistarla qui:, sopra ho abbinato una maglia a pois che spezza con il rosso ma richiama sempre (come è il mio solito fare) il vintage.

Shirt - Choies
Skirt - Choies
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Polka Dots shirt and Red Hearts

 Ciao care,
nel post di oggi vi propongo un altro modo per indossare una camicia a pois! Questa che indosso io è diFoymall

In questo look ho giocato con una classica combinazione di colori: bianco, nero e rosso, riprendendo la fantasia a pois della camicia con le calze e con il bracciale, ed infine per dare un tocco romantico al look ho aggiunto due collane con ciondolo a forma di cuore e gli occhiali rossi a cuore di ZeroUV di cui vi ho parlato in questo post.
Spero vi piaccia questo outfit ! :)
Non vedo l'ora di leggere i vostri adorabili commenti <3
Hi dear,
 in today's post I propose another way to wear a polka dot shirtThis I wear is from Foymall.

In this look I played with a classic combination of colors: white, black and red, taking the polka dot print shirt with tights and with the bracelet, and finally to give a romantic touch to the look I added two necklaces with pendant in the shape heart and red glasses in the shape of heart from ZeroUV ofwhich I spoke in this post.
I hope you like this outfit! :)
I can not wait to read your lovely comments <3

Have a nice day!

I wear:
sunglasses: ZeroUV 
earrings + necklace: Swarovsky
polka dots shirt: Foymall 
skirt: Phard
tights: H&M
bag: Vintage
bracelet + rings: Guess
shoes: Fahrenheit


First of all tell me about yesterday night! Did you celebrate Halloween? Have you dressed up? I decided to stay at home with my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend cooking some hamburgers and watching a movie. Maybe I’ll organize something next year.
Here are some pictures taken two days ago. I was wearing a blue and silver outfit. I completely fell in love with these Fashionology jewels, aren’t they lovely?
On Thursday I’m going to London for three days. I’ll soon tell you everything about this short trip.
Have a nice day guys!:)
Innanzitutto raccontatemi di ieri sera: avete festeggiato Halloween? Vi siete travestiti? Io quest’anno ho deciso di stare tranquilla a casa a cucinare hamburgers con il mio ragazzo, sua sorella Giulia e il suo ragazzo. Magari mi rifarò l’anno prossimo :)
Ecco qualche foto scattata due giorni in Corso XXII Marzo. Indossavo un outfit sulle tonalità del blu e dell’argento. Sono completamente impazzita per tutti i gioielli di Fashionology, soprattutto per anelli e bracciali.
Ancora due giorni e si parte per Londra, presto vi dirò cos’andrò a fare esattamente :) Un bacio e buona giornata a tutti! 

I was wearing:
  • Jacket no brands bought in Paris
  • Silver t-shirt by Stradivarius
  • Shorts by Tibi
  • Shoes by Thefirstlove
  • Jewels by Fashionology
  • Bag by Pucci
  • Nail patches by Essence bought at OVS store

Green and brown tones

Sigue de verde la semana jajaj! Os muestro otro outfit con la capa verde que tanto se parece a la de Blair Waldorf y de nuevo combinado con marrón... a ver si antes de que llegue la primavera os la puedo mostrar combinada de otro modo ;)

And green colour appears again today! Here another outfit with the green cape (similar to Blair´s one) and again paired with brown tones.... I´ll try to combine it differently before the winter is over ;)

Camiseta Kiddy´s Class// Cuello: DIY// Falda: Tienda Local// Cinturón: Blanco// Zapatos: Stradivarius// Bolso: Zara