Thursday, March 7, 2013

Miss Green retro style


More patterns

I'm wearing:

Skirt: Koton
Sweater: Koton
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Poema
Coat: H&M

Miss Burgundy

 Although I'm not following trends, the star colour of the season,
namely burgundy has got to me.
And combined with green it is just a match made in heaven :)

I'm wearing:

Skirt: vintage
Jacket: Miniprix
Shoes: random

Granny's chic style

 Well, I'm not actually wearing granny's wardrobe, but there are 
some elements which reminds me of those times, such as:
the vintage purse and the retro sandals.
The cardigan, although is new, its cut is from other times :)
Anyway, this is what I want to call a sunny outfit

because the touch of yellow is competing with the sun :)


Blue ruffles

 Don't you worry, cause my love for green will never fade:)
But I also love blue and if it is combined with white it is just gorgeous.
My white tights were again put to use for this outfit 
and they are the perfect match for my blue shoes.
Anyway, the star of the outfit is the shirt and its ruffles which are just the cutest :)

Hello Spring

 I wish you all a lovely and colourful spring!
And what better way to welcome Spring than with some red, green and white :)
And don't forget about the bows :)
Let the sunny days begin!

I'm wearing:

Coat: Terranova / Shirt: Rochie de seara / Skirt: thrifted / Shoes: Musette / Bag: The Bag Shop

Thrifted world

 I managed to find this lovely mustard skirt and a cute brown jacket.
And of course, once again the price was a bargain.

Skirt, jacket: thrifted / Sweater: Pull & Bear / Shirt: Cropp Town / Bag: The Bag Shop / Shoes: Bata

Popping red

Today's menu is green & blue with a sprinkle of brown and some
popping red :) of course.
Some of my favourite colours all put together in a warm winter day (looks more like autumn).
Wish you all a colourful winter, just like mine! :)

I'm wearing:

Skirt: vintage / Sweater: Kenvelo / Shoes: Bata / Bag: Poema

Blue winter

Although green is my colour :), I also love blue
(cobalt blue being my favourite shade)
In this outfit I combined different shades of blue and I think they look great together.
And a little brownish here and there blends in just perfectly.

I'm wearing:

Skirt: thrifted / Sweater: GAP / Shoes: Bata / Bag: vintage


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