Thursday, January 3, 2013


  • Pencil Skirt: Vintage – Thrifted 
  • Sweater: Sirens 
  • Belt: Forever 21
  • Tights: Payless
  • Shoes: Aldo
There are some classic outfit combinations that work every time, and a pencil skirt and sweater are one of those combos. Having a few go-to looks like this saves you time and money and makes getting dressed a lot less stressful. Personally I think a pencil skirt and sweater or cardigan is a look that pretty much everyone can pull off. Pair it with flats for a busy weekend running errands, heels for the office, or boots in the fall, it’s a no fail outfit. Earlier this year I wore this same skirt with a summer sweater and no tights – it worked then and it works now.

 Denim Skirt and White Button Down

  • Denim Skirt: Reitmans (2010)
  • White Button Down: Cynthia Rowley via Winners
  • Statement Necklace: Winners
  • Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless 
The denim skirt in today’s look hasn’t made an appearance here since summer last year! It’s a good basic piece, but I don’t wear it on the blog much because it bunches up around my hips and never really photographs well. Which begs the question; why do I still have it? Honestly, because it’s an easy piece to wear and super comfortable.

Secretary Chic

Shirt: Ricki’s, Skirt: Ann Klein, Shoes: Payless, Bracelet: Forever 21

Today’s outfit is reminiscent of something I would have worn to my office job BB (before babies). Now that I work from home and most of my clients are pretty laid back, it’s rare for me to dress up in something more corporate looking.
This beg’s the question, why would I get so dressed up on a Sunday afternoon? Well there’s something you don’t know about me (take a guess, what do you think it could be?) Can’t handle the suspense? Okay I’ll tell you, twice a week I work at a local card shop. Before you get carried away let me clarify, it’s a greeting card shop. That’s right, I sell sentiments. It’s not rocket science but it gets me out of the house and helps pay the bills.
The card shop uniform is black and white, and usually I wear boring black pants with a boring white tee-shirt. I would like to dress up in fun mod white and black outfits, but we also receive stock and that gets pretty messy. Today however being Sunday, there will be no stock delivered and I am free to dress as I wish. So I took my cue from this outfit I saw last week and went with a secretary chic look.

Ballerina Skirt: Thrifted | Tank Top: Old Navy | Blazer: Plum Clothing

Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Dress: Self Made | Shoes: DIY | Belt: Forever 21

I’ve been holding onto these pictures all summer and wasn’t sure about posting them (greasy hair issues, a little vain I know). But this week has been quite busy at work and getting outfit pictures was nearly impossible, so I went to the vault. 
This dress is one of my favourite self-made pieces but I’m usually a little nervous to wear it out, because I’m so critical of the sewing. Why do we do that to ourselves? And the shoes are another dress-up DIY, which seems to be the theme this week. 
A dressed-up look like this isn’t something that I wear everyday, but when I need a little pick me up it’s perfect. This dress feels like the perfect thing to wear to the Mad Hatter’s tea party….now if he would only send me an invite already!

Dress: Self Made, Shoes: Spring

Girls Night Out

Tank: Old Navy | Wide Leg Pants: Suzy Sheir (shop) | Shoes: Payless | Necklace and Rings: Banana Republic
You know you’re getting old when a style you rocked with pride in the ninth grade makes it’s comeback in your early 30′s. These wide leg pants (which were called “palazzos” back then) were all the rage in 1993, and I owned several pairs, so imagine my delight when I found these on sale for $12. Clearly nobody but me wants to be seen in these pants.

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