Friday, January 4, 2013

Patricia from Brazil


The day before it started snowing, I was wearing this black and gold ensemble for a dinner in a japanese restaurant. I had this black pullover which is very soft and pleasant to the touch and kept me warm all evening long and this golden skirt. I added some golden accessories which I think is a nice match for night's outfits and my leopard bag. I think the outfit was completely easy to create because of the simple pieces I choose but the accessories produce a sophisticated result in my opinion. Of course, I had a vest with me but I took out for the pictures.


About the look, I was wearing this gorgeous gray dress with soft orange pattern. I think this is a perfect outfit for people who work on the office and for any formal occasions because of the nice length and the neutral color of the dress. Hope you like it !

BAG : Louis Vuitton
LIPSTICK : "Femme" by Nyx


Eventhough it's fall the temperature is just like in winter, I mean freezy! You know I am really but really sensitive to cold, so it's just time to wear warm clothes. And when I tell to get dressed warmly I mean all the outfit. So after being dressed I think I am at least 2kg more than I really weigh. You know, between gloves, hat, tights, boots, vest and so on, I can easily double my weight or maybe have the impression it's the case.
I think it's the most difficult period of the year to get well dressed as the mainly thing we care about is to keep warm. However, I always try to use my creativity while getting dressed.

BAG : Zara
BOOTS : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : "Diva" by M.A.C.


I am so in love with this dress that I didn't want to take it off ! You know, when you feel clothes like a second skin so much comfortable and beautiful it is ! So I was wearing this gorgeous dress to have dinner but I took some photos out before dinner at the end of the afternoon this way you can see better all details of the look.
This is a total black look with a touch of green color on the necklace. For me the mix of lace and leather is so stylish and ultra feminin. It's all about rocking a tough and understated sexy ! 
SHOES : Chanel
CLUTCH : Guerlain
LIPSTICK : "Tiramisu" by Estée Lauder

Varius outfit


A short time ago, I was surfing on the Zalando website and I was impressed on the choice they have. Definitely, everybody can find what she/he is looking for because of the huge possibility of choice and because the price range is varied enough. Indeed you can find both affordable or luxurious items. While visiting the site, I stumbled in this red pencil skirt from the collection "Love Moschino" and had a crush on it. So, I hurried to place an order for this stunning skirt!! The delivery was really fast and I am very happy to have it now. You know, when you buy something you were looking for and that will be useful all your life. I mean, the pencil skirt is a timeless and a perennially fashionable piece. Don't you agree ?

Let's talk about the look, I decided to pair this classic and elegant skirt with this zebra-stripped top to bring a touch of modernity to the look. To finish, my beloved red soles, some accessories and a coat to keep it chic ! Hope you like it guys and wish you a wonderful day :) !!

SKIRT : Moschino
STILETTOS : Christian Louboutin


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