Friday, January 4, 2013

Courtney from U.K

School girl

Top & Tights: New Look
Blazer: Primark
Skirt & Necklace: Topshop

I bought this skirt last week, i saw it and just had to have it. I love the dogtooth print on it, it gives it such a schoolgirl feel. I love cute skirts like this! Yes, i know i kinda look like i'm going to the office, but i guess that is just me, sophisticated. I chose this blazer specifically, because i love the fact the rolled up sleeves are pink. It adds a bit of colour to this outfit. Black, Black, Black.. i do really need to stop wearing just this colour!! This necklace was one of the presents i got from my brother for Christmas, i really like it, it's totally different to the majority of necklaces i have!

Blow me away..

Pashmia: Unknown
Blazer: Primark
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Tesco 
These photos were taken earlier in the wind.. as you can tell due to my hair and dress blowing about everywhere! It''s been so windy here today in Hertfordshire! This dress is something i bought off ebay for £2 back in the Spring time and for a stupid reason, i haven't actually worn it! I put it on and then remembered why... i don't have the boobs to support it! and my chest and some of my bra are openly on show. Not a good look for anyone! Then ta-da Pashmina to the rescue, bright and bold! I've turned this dress from a summery dress into a smart-casual wear look. I love the gold on to bottom, the pattern is so cute and the fact it's shimmery too emphasises the fact that it's perfect wear when getting close to Christmas time!

White dress

Dress: New Look Tights+Ring: Topshop Necklace: Charity Shop
I've had this dress for ages, but i don't actually think i've worn this more than once, if at all which is a shame because its beautiful! The lace detail is so fine and interesting. I don't tend to wear white items of clothing, and i think the reason behind this dress hardly being worn could be to do with it's colour. Not that whites not a nice colour, but i just don't think it looks flattering on me, i prefer black as it's slimming and i think white makes me look bigger, but maybe that's just me being silly. I'm actually quite glad that i found this at the back of my wardrobe, i think it's definately something i'm going to have to wear again.I'm wearing a cross necklace to give this outfit a bit of a 'gothic' look to it, as oposed to the usual 'black & white monochrome' look. I feel very 60's actually. 


New Look Black & White Striped Shirt 
New Look Red Ribbed Tube Skirt 
Peacocks Basic Black Flats
H&M Gold Circle Pendant Necklace
Primark Gold Statement Rings 
This is my new favourite shirt. Stripes are clearly my thing at the moment and while i was out shopping with my dad, he spotted this, and i knew instantly that i had to buy it. My dad always spots little gems that i might not of seen. I bought this shirt very recently from New Look, but for some reason it isn't on their website, so i'd say definitely have a look in your local store if you're after it! I thought i really needed to inject some colour into my outfit posts and this red tube skirt does just that. I love tube skirt as they are just so easy to wear and i personally think that they can make an outfit look quite sophisticated. This red colour is actually more of a burgundy colour in person making it the perfect transitional piece for the upcoming Autumn. It's definitely getting a bit colder here in England now too and i think Summer is well and truly over unfortunately, so i think it's time i start wearing tights again. I will most likely be living in tights now until the Spring, but sometimes i think tights can actually look nicer than a bare leg. I'm wearing some simple black flats which i have copious pairs of from different shops, they just go with everything! I really like the circle pendant necklace from H&M that i've got around my neck. It's so dainty but really can add a little something to an outfit. I'm wearing two statement rings that i got together in a multipack from Primark also.

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