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Keiko Lynn

Fair Isle

 Meet my new favorite sweater! I love a little bit of color in the colder months; I fell in love as soon as I tried it on. I know a lot of people reserve brighter tones for warmer climate, but there's nothing like a splash of color to brighten up a bleak day. Even though it's quite a statement, I've already worn this sweater two different ways within the first week and plan on wearing it a lot more. I'm one of those girls who plays her favorite songs on repeat. 

Outfit Details:
Juicy Couture Bright Fair Isle Sweater
pleated skirt - thrifted
vintage Coach purse - gift from my mom
tights - HUE
"Theory" boots - c/o Seychelles
ring - Artists and Fleas vendors
vintage rhinestone bracelets - gifts from my mom
lipstick - Urban Decay Super High Saturated Lip Color in Crush

Outfit Details: 
vintage scarf 
Coach moto jacket
ASOS mono check smock dress
heart tights from ModCloth
Coach Legacy Duffle
Dolce Vita Grechen pumps
heart sunglasses - c/o Savers from the STLFW trip
MAC Runaway Red lipstick 
I've had Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" stuck in my head all night, and just realized that it was probably due to all of the hearts in this series. And that's all I really have to say about that. As you can probably tell by most of my tl;dr posts, it's rare that I have nothing to say - so enjoy this moment.


 Autumn is making a hasty exit, though it barely even made an entrance. It feels as though we were swindled out of a real Fall. The only proof I have that it existed is the amount of pumpkin treats I have consumed - and believe me, I have done my part. I used this particularly Fall-ish (we'll just go with it) day as an excuse to wear a dress that I have had for a long time; it always makes me think of fallen leaves and apple cider.

I bought this dress several years ago at the Fellsmere Inn, a beautiful old hotel that was built back in 1904. It's just down the street (well, dirt road) from my mom's ranch; it is my absolute favorite place in all of Fellsmere. It no longer served as a hotel but Margaret, the owner, lived there and kept a small vintage and antique shop in part of the building. She decided to sell because she was too old to keep up the place on her own and her children had no interest in it. When the hurricanes hit that area, the inn took a heavy blow. The place was in pretty bad shape and needed a lot of repairs. I ended up buying the entire contents of her vintage collection (most of them were from her personal closet), which was in equally bad shape from the hurricanes - but we were able to salvage a good deal of it. Since then, the Fellsmere Inn has been bought and renovated and now sits completely empty. Though it's still a pretty place, I do miss the haunting charm of its original splendor.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress (hemmed shorter) - Fellsmere Inn estate sale
vintage belt - thrifted
vintage jacket - was my mom's when she was a teen
tights - Target
Seychelles boots - courtesy of ModCloth
Ginger leather satchel - courtesy of Coach
scarf - Forever 21 (borrowed from Bobby)
lipstick - MAC Dubonnet
Sparkly tutu skirt

 When I was a baby, cute little shoesies were not an option. Since I was born severely pigeon toed, I had to wear corrective shoes with a bar between them, which turned my feet outward. Here's a visual of something similar. I then graduated to the child version of orthopedic shoes, which added insult to my single mom's injury with their hefty price tag. I consider my collection of ridiculously high heels a form of reparation for the years worth of ugly corrective shoes. Of course, that's idiotic and detrimental to my weak ankles, and my mom is probably horrified at my lack of care for my sad little feeties.

Lately, I've been trying to tweak my habits. I'm not giving up heels - never ever, but I always carry extra flats to change into for walks around the city, and I save the high heels for cab rides (or change into them closer to the venue). I'm rediscovering my favorite flat boots and have been exploring the world of comfortable ballet flats and oxfords.

My feet are thanking me - and I'll admit that I'm smitten with many of my flats. But weak ankles aside, I'm pigeon toed with or without comfy shoes. And you know what? I still prefer my heels. 

Outfit Details:
lace top - courtesy of DKNY (from the gift card I won!)
studded belt - from my mom's shop, Hourglass Consignment
sparkly tutu skirt - Urban Outfitters
tights - HUE
Eddie Metallic Ballet Flat - courtesy of Tory Burch
ivory infinity scarf - I think I stole this from my sister
coat - courtesy of Club Monaco, from one of their parties
Grey coat

I feel silly talking about the weather in Florida when Bobby endured the New York blizzard back home, but I suppose that's not going to stop me. It has been cold enough to wear a coat on a few days. Well, cold enough for meto wear a coat because I'm a big baby. My aversion to cold weather becomes even greater the further south I venture. Yet, I am pleased to report that our Christmas didn't bring bikini weather. It's difficult to maintain a holiday spirit when you're sweating to Jingle Bells.

There's a group of little girls waiting to go on a picnic, so I need to get going. Tessa, Amanda and I are taking Roxy and her friends to the park. They're in the other room talking about boys. Keep in mind that Roxy is five years old. Uh oh!

Outfit Details:
Tiered ruffle dress - H&M ($10!)
sheer overlay - thrifted 
tights - Christmas gift from my mom
velvet flats - GAP ($5!)
grey coat - courtesy of Asian iCandy
Elle Nicole "Lydia Mini" fringe bag - courtesy of Danielle Nicole

Vintage dress 

 I have had this dress for years (at least five or six), but this is only my third time wearing it. I have a tendency to completely forget about certain items in my closet and instead, get in a routine of wearing the same things over and over again. This dress has become a victim of both tendencies, since I didn't wear it for years but have now worn it three times in less than a month. The first time I wore this dress, which was only a few weeks ago, I was in Florida and didn't have a long enough slip on hand. Though completely opaque, the fabric is a little clingy and it absolutely requires a slip unless you are okay with everyone knowing exactly what your behind looks like. Let's just say that my mom and Amanda spent most of the day laughing at me while I tried to cover my butt with my [thankfully large] purse.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress - Fellsmere Inn
tights - courtesy of Accessorize
Dany platforms - courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection

Little Red

 Though the thrifting in NYC is dismal at best, I've always found a reliable friend in Etsy. I obviously have an affinityfor capes, which has only grown over the years. It's like wearing a blanket, only it's more socially and fashionably acceptable to don outside of the house. I wear that camel-colored cape (my mom's dumpster diving find, I might add) with just about everything and needed more to put in rotation, so I turned to Shopbop for ideas. And then I saw the price tag and remembered why I usually shop their sale section or merely save the pictures for, I went and found this one on Etsy. It's completely different from the one I was envisioning, but you know what? I think I like it even more.

Outfit Details:
black ruffle dress (only $33!) - c/o Asian iCandy
vintage red cape - Dronning Vintage on Etsy
bag - c/o Coach (last year)
Cynthia Rowley fishnet stockings - Century 21
HUE over the knee socks - Nordstrom
DVF Opal platforms - c/o DVF 
lipstick - MAC Dubonnet
 Lace dress

These photos were obviously taken on the same day as my makeup monday post. I originally wore this dress for Closetista, but decided to wear it again (for more than an hour) a few days later. Instead of my go-to bow sash, I paired it with this incredible vintage belt that my mom got for me. It's covered in beads and rhinestones!
My good friend Drew Lindo is in town, so I have to cut this short. More outfit photos that aren't boring inside photos (the weather has been gross) later.

Outfit Details:
vintage lace dress - thrifted
bead and rhinestone belt - gift from my mom
lace tights - courtesy of ModCloth
bow pumps - Nine West


 If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen some of my photos from our stay in the Hudson Valley. We rented this entire house for less than what a tiny hotel room costs around here, and it was on a beautiful, snow-covered property complete with an icy pond and deer tracks abound. I didn't spot any deer until our last day, but I got pretty excited every time I saw their little prints. We went antiquing, played with little Miku in the snow (she was born for it), and explored the general area. If you're ever looking for a nice little getaway outside of the city, I highly suggest checking it out. It ended up being exactly what we needed. I have a lot more pictures to share from our trip, including sooo many of tiny Miku having the time of her life. Turns out, we all needed a little bit of nature in our lives. 

Outfit Details:
hat - Bobby's
ugly sweater - thrifted, hand-me-down from my mom
tank top - Parker
cut-offs - Free People
tights - H+M
Bernice Gold heels - c/o B.a.i.t. Footwear
lipstick - MAC Absolute Power (from their LE Strength collection 

Varius outfit

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