Thursday, February 7, 2013

Angelica from Bosnia


Dark Lady

 The red corset I'm wearing here is  my older piece of clothes, but as I do not wear anything that often( three times at most) everything is in perfect condition. And I take care of my clothes as of babies. I keep corsets in beautiful floral boxes, gloves and hats separately, cardigans, shirts, skirts-due to the material and colors. I regularly check if anything falls out, like a button. I wash delicate materials using my hands and special liquid detergents, making sure that not any of my clothes lose its color. It's really important to me.
I totally forgot about this corset. I didn't wear it for 3 years. I have got exactly the same one in puple.
I bought them while I was in high school, in Belgrade's H&M. While I was taking a look around the collection I saw this red one at the shelf, and I fell in love, but, then, Oh God! There were 4 colours of them.. Black, Red, Purple and White. I couldn't decide which one to buy..I couldn't buy all the colors, it would be too expensive, and I decided to buy purple and red. 

Skirt and jacket-Zara
Bag and cardigan-NY
Outfit ideas

Yellow - Black

 I put pictures of this yellow sweater. It's one of my fav things I bought so far. Comfy, perfect for autumn, perfect with everything you wear because of its shape and color. You don't have to add a lot of details, it's enough to combine it with black, and wear some nude shades of make up.

Sweater- Mango
Leggings and belt- Zara
Booties- Kitten(Office shoes)
Rings and earrings- Sixl

Pinky Pastels

Sunglasses, socks and brooch-Six

Blue jeans and red lipstick

Shirt and cardigan-H&M

Blazer and skirt

Blazer and skirt(redesigned)- Vintage
Socks and earrings- Six
Necklace(little cameo)- Accessorize
Corset- Lindex
Heels- Mango
bag- Tally Weijl

Pencil plaid skirt

  Actually this was a dress which was one of my favourite, but wearing it a couple of times, I got a little bored of it as a dress, and made a change, and as my mum is great in sewing I just told her to cut the top part and made the high waisted skirt.

different way

Blue Dress

Outfit ideas


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