Saturday, February 9, 2013

Angelica from Bosnia 2


Karo prints

As you all may know, I love Karo prints. English Karo is amazing! Thomas Burberry, in 1924, was the first to publish lining fabric pattern for trench coats on the market. He was inspired by the Scottish Tartans and it was soon to sign for an entire culture of English diamonds.
  The dress I'm wearing here is from ZaraTrf, and the same dress could be seen on Sharon Den Adel, one of my favourite singers from Dutch band Within Temptation. 

Different dress

Karo Skirt
 If you're wondering where I found the same bows on this sweater as the skirt, I'll explain it:)
It's my mom's skirt, I didn't do any corrections on it, except shortening, it was a bit longer. My mom was slim as I, so it matched my waist perfectly. The material that was left of shortening was not thrown away. I used it to made these cute little bows

Sweater-United Colors of Benetton

Grey High Waist Shorts

 This shorts I'm wearing here and the bag from New Yorker are on sale(who is interested, can check it out on my fb profile sale album:P)
This is one of my ''casual'' outfits(for some it's not casual):D This is what it looks like when you are in a hurry and wear something instead of the elegant dress:)

Socks and top hat-Lindex
Heels and belt-Mango
Bag and cardigan-NY
Blazer-Massimo Dutti

Boyish Look

 This is one of the looks I do not prefer, but as the weather conditions got worse, you do not have the choice but to wear a couple of things beneath the coat, and the most comfortable boots because of the frozen streets and a lot of snow on it.

Beret- SIXJacket and shorts-Mango(they were trousers but I made shorts of it, just cut of some part and one women did the rest on her sewing machine)
Shirt- Vintage
Ring and leather belt-Lindex
Boots- Dr. Martens

Varius outfit



Anonymous said...

Your taste in clothing is impeccable!

Unknown said...

I Like Your Clothing.

Unknown said...

I Like Your Outfit.

thebcdream said...

I really wish women in prince Edward island would dress that nice! You need to get their attention and set a serious example.