Monday, January 21, 2013

Girl from Virginia

Sexy skirt

Cardi – New York and Company, Gray Shirt – Target, Skirt – Express, Belt – New York and Company, Tights – Kohls, Shoes – New York and Company, Jewelry – Target
So the item that I FOUND is this skirt. It is a mix of menswear and girly ruffles. I really liked it at the time, but I am not sure {after over 4 years of not wearing it} that the proportions are right for my body. I also feel weird with the ruffles, like they are too girly for me. I also think that it is weird that I would find something to be too girly for me. I mean I LOVE pink, and skirts, and shoes, and girly things in general. I don’t know if it is the combination of the ruffles and pinstripes or just the proportions, but I am not sold on it. I didn’t wear heels today, so that could have contributed to my uncertainty as well.
Plaid skirt
Sweater – Strand via TJ Maxx, Necklace – The Limited, Belt – Fossil via TJ Maxx, Skirt – Express, Watch – DKNY via TJ Maxx, Tights – New York and Company, Shoes – Simply Vera via Kohls
Well I attempted late 50′s early 60′s office fashion.

Overall, I am pleased with my outfit. I even put my hair up in a bun. Not the best bun, but I tried to be Joan-esque.

I also really liked how the raspberry tights played off of the pink belt.
Dress and tights
 Dress – no brand via TJ Maxx, Sweater – Kohls, Belt – New York and Company, Necklace and Earrings – New York and Company, Gray Tights – New York and Company, Black Lace Tights – New York and Company – Gray Flats – New York and Company, Blazer – New York and Company
 Today I decided to layer in a more conventional way and in a more unique way. I layered my dress with a sweater and then a blazer. I wear layers with sweaters a lot and this year have discovered a love for wearing a blazer over an already layered sweater. This allowed me two things by doing this. One – I love the neckline of this dress. It has a nice detail and stays put, so I am covered without adjusting all day. Two – I stayed super warm because man was it cold out this morning. Next I went in a more unique direction and layered my tights. I also did this for two reasons. One – double tights mean LOTS of warmth, way warmer than pants would have kept me today. Two – it makes the black lace way more work appropriate. I through on a statement necklace and a waist defining belt for when I wasn’t covered up with my blazer and went out the door.

Skirt and patterned tights

Shirt (Old Navy), Blazer (New York and Company), Skirt(New York and Company), Tights (DSW),
Shoes (BCBG via TJMaxx),  and  Jewelry (gift from MIL)
I went with a general feeling outfit interpretation for this outfit. I wore very similar pieces, just in different colors. I like how the gray blazer is wool and warm. I am not used to the cold weather we have today. I wanted to keep it more classic looking since I was doing fun tights (also because of the cold) so I wore my faux pearl necklace. I kept the skirt the classic  pencil and wore it bright. I decided to keep my shoe neutral and went with navy because I thought that they blended the best with the outfit. Overall, I love my interpretation. I still wished that I had an orange pencil skirt though.
Skirt and boots
Chunky Sweater – New York and Company, Black Necklace – Express, Polka Dot Skirt – Target, Teal Tights – DSW, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW,
So I love a black and white combination. I find myself drawn to black and white pieces, but I also love throwing in just a splash of color. I couldn’t resist the tights, they make the outfit much more me!
I love the idea of this sweater and how warm it is (especially after last night’s snow!!), but I don’t always love how it looks on me. I do really like it with this skirt though. I realized today after leaving though that this skirt is starting to show its wear (it has several snags) and I might need to replace it with a new polka dot skirt. I really love the pockets that this has though.

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