Friday, February 28, 2014


Versatile Pieces

Hi Gorgeous Ladies!
For this week's W3 post, I chose to wear a houndstooth printed blouse and red booties that may look quite familiar to you. I wore both pieces to a fashion event back in September and they were both featured in my previous video on styling houndstooth 
I personally love pieces that are versatile and can be worn in various ways and to various occassions and these pieces do just that. I wanted to showcase both looks, one from the event in September and the other for today, so you can get an idea of how you could style these pieces in two different ways. 

The look on the left is an outfit that can be worn to an event, as I did, or a date/girl's night out. The look on the right is more appropriate for a semi-casual setting, such as the office. Plus, the look on the left is more for late summer, early fall, whereas the look on the right is more suitable for the fall/winter seasons. 

I hope that this post encouraged you to work with pieces that you have in your closet in styling them in various ways in different settings, so that you can save those shekels and not have to spend double in purchasing a seperate work wardrobe! 

BLOUSE: Marshall's
SKIRT: Express
BOOTIES: Nine West's Pendanto in Hot Cher (Outlet)
SUNGLASSES: Salvatore Ferragamo Outlet 

Minty Fresh

 I'm back with a post! It felt so wierd not posting anything yesterday, but I really needed to take a day off, since I've been extremely busy with blogging, recording, and other things, of course, in my life. But anyway, today was so beautiful and sunny out, so I was super excited to finally be able to break out my minty studded tank top that I purchased a few months back from, of course you guessed it, Marshall's! Mint is such a refreshing color, but it unfortunately doesn't work well with everyone, easily, but I will address that in my next video to go up on Monday, on colors to wear and avoid, based upon your skin/hair color. 
I hope you all are having a wonderful day and that this look inspires you :)

Tank: Marshall's
Belt: Gucci
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Guess
Clutch: Jessica Simpson (Marshall's)

Punked in Plaid

 Hello Darling Dolls!
For today's outfit I went with a look that I've never personally worn before, a punk rocker ensemble. What inspired the look was the skirt, which I recently purchased at Marshall's. I fell in love with it and immediately thought of this look in my head and it came together just as I invisioned it. Now of course other colors and looks can be worn and created with this skirt, I actually think a nice chunky yellow sweater would look super cute paired with it. I have a cropped yellow sweater which I may style with it in the future, since it's high-waisted and my stomach won't show (I don't like exposing my stomach). Going back to the original look, I added floral laced tights to add a softer element. The scarf has a fine black and white plaid print on it as well, so I felt it went together rather nicely and added some volume to my upper body. 
 Plaid skirts, jeans, or pants are perfect for all of you apple shapes, since it adds interest, color, and contrast to your lower portions, taking away ALL of the attention which would otherwise be placed only up top. With a pair of plaid trousers or jeans, a button-up shirt paired with a sweater on top would look super trendy and chic, so I would definitley suggest you create a pairing like that. I, however, wouldn't suggest a volumized bulky sweater, since it can acutally make you appear larger on top. Go for something slightly fitted, but not tight or constricting; you don't want the shirt underneath to appear through the center part of the sweater, making it look too tight! 
 If you are a pear shape, like myself, you can clearly wear a plaid botttom, as I did here, but certainly add something on top to add interest and volume, like I did with the scarf. This will prevent ALL of the attention to be placed on your lower body, but rather your upper and lower equally. As for you rectangular and hourglass shapes, you guys would look fab in a head-to-toe plaid suit with a pair of smoked loafers, since androgynous looks work well for your shapes because of your balanced figure. If you feel that would be a bit much, then you could of course mix and match your pieces to your liking.
LEATHER JACKET: Michael Kors (Marshall's)
SCARF: c/o Joie
SKIRT: Sam Souci (Marshall's) I LOVE THEIR SKIRTS!
TIGHTS: DKNY (outlet store)
BOOTS: Nine West's Edytheo booties (outlet store)

A Christmas Work Look

 Happy Wednesday, Guys!
So I hope you all are having a wonderfful day thus far. I can imagine how busy each of you are, since the days are getting closer and closer to Christmas, which I still can't believe!
I put together a simple, yet festive, look for the Christmas season. I know many departments or offices host a "holiday" party, which I've attended my fair share of and they were always so much fun! If yours will be hosted at your job locatioin, this would be a great outfit idea for you to wear to work the day of the party. If you don't have a red blazer, you can still accomplish the look with a red cardigan or mix and match the color pieces. For example, if you have a pair of red pants and a gold toned blazer (cream, beige, or one with gold detailing) you can substitute the pieces.
 I hope this look inspires you and if you do have holiday parties at your office or job, please share below you experience. What is it like? When I was working at a psychiatric institute, each floor and department (lab) had their own "floor" parties. We all brought something, although we didn't have to. Some people brought traditional dishes, representing their culture and some were more American holiday traditional food. All I know was that it was so much fun removing the lab coat and sitting back and relaxing for a couple of hours, until there was a phone call of course!
BLAZER: New York & Company
TROUSERS: New York & Company Avenue pant
SHOES: Nine West's Adalina shoes (Marshall's)
BELT: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

Jersey Dresses

 Hello all my hard working ladies!
So we're officially mid way through the work week. Although I know I can't really complain because it feels as though the week has been flying by and I hope the same is true for you! 
When it comes to jersey dresses, it can be a bit challenging to work with, since the material is very stretchy. Now that could of course be a good thing, since it can stretch over those curves, however, sometimes they can show traces of cellulite, so you want to be careful! To ensure the appearance of a smooth surface, try wearing undergarments, such as Spanx, to help hold things in nicely. Please understand that cellulite does not descriminate! It's not only found in thick and curvier women, it can also be present on thinner girls, too! I even have a few and so do many celebrities. Much of it has to do with hormones, which I highly suggest eating foods that are organic and not injected with antibiotics or other forms of hormones. When you're consuming meat that has been treated with hormones, they enter you upon eating, so take that into consideration. Perhaps one day I'll do a post on how to minimize cellulite, since I get a lot of quesions on my diet and excerise routine since I mentioned that I lost 20-25lbs 8 years ago and I had a whole lot back then, ew! 
 If you don't like wearing undergarments, such as Spanx, because you feel they're a bit too constricting, you can always wear tights. They're a fun way to enhance your outfit, while holding everything in place, but no one needs to know that, shh! 
DRESS: New York & Company
BLAZER: Nordstrom Rack
TIGHTS: DKNY Outlet Store
SHOES: Nine West 
PURSE: Louis Vuitton Alma GM
NECKLACE: Express 
COAT: Vince Camuto's Faux Fur Collar Coat (Marshall's)

Working With Florals

 Today's post is all about florals! It's officially spring, even if the weather doesn't want to admit it and that means that we'll be seeing a lot of florals in our favorite stores! So, I wanted to provide you guys with some tips on styling floral pieces. Even though combining patterns and prints have been a trend for a while now, you have to be very careful when doing this because you don't want your look to clash and give off an "I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to be fashionable" type of vibe! With that said, I want to stress the importance of working with only one floral printed item and use that as the focal point of the look.
As you can see down below, I'm wearing a floral skirt with a variety of colors and I wanted to bring out some of them by wearing solids that were the same color, along with matching accessories. To bring out both the purplish and green colors, I chose to wear a white cami underneath the purple cardigan to allow the color to pop, as did the colors against the white base color of the skirt. I then brought out the green, the stem of the flowers, by wearing a pair of green heels. I loved the purple so much, I chose only accessories within that color scheme to bring more attention to it. If you prefer the yellow in the flowers, then you would wear a yellow cardigan or top and shoes. Whichever color you use the most is what will control the eyes to see more of in the skirt. If you were to wear a floral top, for example, you would choose one of the colors in your top to wear as a bottom, within that color scheme, if not identical. If you wanted to feature other colors that are in the top, you could do that as well, but perhaps with accessories, including shoes and/or a handbag. 
I hope you found this helpful and the info for where I purchased everything is located at the bottom of the post! 

What I'm Wearing:
New York & Company cardigan
New York & Company skirt (old)
Gucci Guccissima Soft Metallic shoe in the color Selva from DSW
Louis Vuitton Alma GM in Rouge Fauviste

Multifunctional Pieces

 Hello Gorgeous Ladies!
Now, I know some of you may be a bit confused as to why there's a W3 post up today, since it's not Wednesday. The reason is that I'll most likely be attending an event tomorrow, which I'll be covering here on the blog. I said most likely because if you've been following the news lately, you've already heard that there's yet another snow storm heading to New York late tonight and won't stop until tomorrow afternoon. That being said, I still don't know if the event will be postponed for another date. I don't remember ever having experienced so many snow storms in such a short period of time. Our last one was yesterday! Not to mention that I believe the one coming my way tomorrow is number four. 
Anyway, moving right along to the subject of this week's W3 post, mulitifuntional pieces. I can't stress the importance of purchasing pieces that you could create both casual and business-casual looks with. It's kind of getting a good bang for your buck, since you can wear it in various ways/settings. I like to show you all how I style one piece in various ways, since I've noticed you guys really like those kind of posts, and also because it gives you some ideas on creating looks for both the office and leisure, if you have similar pieces or would like to keep my suggestions in mind for your next shopping trip. 
 When I wore this look casually, I pretty much used the same color scheme, cobalt and pink. These two colors are complimentary colors, so they work and blend rather nicely, especially on you cool toned ladies. For the office look, I decided to pair the sweater, our multifunctional piece for this post, with a grey pencil skirt and grey opaque tights. To break up the darkness on the bottom, I chose to wear multicolor shoes that have a touch of pink and purple. 

I belted the sweater because it's an oversized ribbed sweater and in this case, as mentioned in this week's video, all you pair shapes could wear a thinner waist belt, like the one I'm wearing. Adding the waistbelt re-establishes our waistline, as well as adds a focal point that ties in with the color scheme we chose, cobalt and pink. I also want to point out that the grey works well with the cobalt pairing, since grey has a blue undertone, which is why again, all you cool toned beauties would look great in it. However, I do suggest you work with pops of color, like the pink, to prevent from looking ashy (all you darker ladies). 

SWEATER: Marshall's
TIGHTS: DKNY (outlet store)
SHOES: Nine West's Puravidao (outlet store)
NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

Something Floral

 Today was such a beautiful day, a true spring day! So, of course, I wanted to wear something floral and springy. As I mentioned a few W3 posts ago, when working with floral prints, you want to wear something solid on the opposite part of the body. In this case, I'm wearing floral jeans, so I chose to wear a solid black lace tank top with a solid blue blazer, paired with a solid black scarf with some gold detailing. Although some designers mix and match patterns on the runway, I've never been a fan of it, I feel that it's just way too busy for my liking. But at the same time, if I see a woman wearing a printed top and bottom and she looks hella confident wearing it, I think it would change my mind, for that particular woman. I just feel that confidence makes anything look good, wouldn't you agree?! So if you're one who likes to wear crazy colors and prints, by all means, forfeit my advice and go for it and work it ;) 

The Details:
Forever 21 blazer
Arden B. floral jeans
BCBGeneration shoes
Scarf from Marshall's
Tory Burch Amanda Tote

Chambray in the Office 

Good morning Loves!
Yesterday I posted a look using this chambray shirt and I mentioned how I was going to style another look, one for work, to show how you could wear such a casual shirt in a more business casual enviornment. Even though I paired it with a leather skirt here, you could definitely wear it with a pair of black, red, white, or even canary yellow trousers, and it would look fab! The reason I chose to pair the shirt with a leather skirt is because I felt the textures worked really well togehter, since the shirt is softer than the leather. When working with leather pieces, I like to blend softer and lighter pieces with them, to prevent the look from appearing stiff, stuffy, and just plain uncomfortable. What I also like about this look is that if you have more of an edgy style, this would be a great way to showcase that at work, while still being appropriate. 
 When it comes to choosing the best chambray shirt for you, there are so many different washes and patterns, you want to keep your shape in mind. For instance, if you are anapple shape, I'd suggest you go for a darker wash that doesn't have any fading, since white fading has the tendency to brighten and enlarge. However, you can go with a print like the one on my shirt, since it's a very small print that will not over enhance your upper body, or you could just go with a plain dark wash.
 For you pear shapes, I suggest going for something along the lines of what I'm wearing here. The reason is because not only does it have a pattern, but it also has some fading going on in the bust area, which is where us pear shape gals need it, since our busts could easily dissapear under a button-up, due to the extra fabric and it's natural folding. The same is true for you rectangular shapes. Both shapes don't necessarily have to wear a shirt that's printed, if it's a medium wash with a slight fade, it'll work. I also wanted to mention that when it comes to styling these types of shirts, button-ups in general, yourectangular shapes want to make sure that you're wearing a high waisted bottom, to bring attention to that waistline, which will also autmoatically enhance your bust line, preventing you form appearing frumpy and overwhelmed by fabric.
Finally, you hourglass shapes should select a medium wash. Dark washes will visually shrink your bust area, while light washes will enhance it too much, which is why I feel a medium wash would work best for you. You could of course play around with different patterns as well. 

SHIRT: David Bitton Buffalo Jeans (Marshall's)
SKIRT: Thrifted
SHOES: Nine West
NECKLACE: New York & Company 


 Are you all ready for the big day tomorrow?! Did you get the turkey yet or are you one of those who waits until the last minute? Don't feel bad, I used to be, too. Especially when I was taking seven science classes one semester for my undegraduate degree, yes, those days were nothing short than stressful! But anyway, I wanted to share this outfit idea with all of you, since it's centered around a popular trend this season, plaid. Plaid, like houndstooth, is a timeless classic piece, which means that you'll get so many uses out of your piece for years and years to come. I purchased this cropped blazer about two years ago at H&M. It had a matching bottom that they didn't have in my size, so I just purchased the blazer. A complete head-to-toe plaid look would look amazing on all you rectangular and hourglass shapes. As I mentioned in this week's video (watch HERE), these two shapes look great with looks that have a full on pattern theme going on. But for those of us who fall into the pear and apple shape categories, we can still sport the trendy classic, just in different ways to flatter our shapes. 
 The way I'm wearing the pattern here is ideal for the pear shape, since it's causing the focus to be placed on the upper body. To cause the eye to mainly focus on the statment blazer, I worked with a solid colored grey pencil skirt, which tied in with the color scheme of the blazer. Also, notice how the blazer is somewhat cropped? These types of blazers and jackets are great for the pear shape, since they stop above the fullest part of the hips, not adding any unwanted width and volume. If you are an apple shape, then experiment with a plaid trouser and a solid colored top that fits in with the color palette, as I did with my look. This will have the opposite effect and cause the eyes to focus downward. 
SKIRT: Express
SHOES: Nine West Outlet 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Duygu’s Style

My H&M Week

 elam Kızlar; My H&M  Week'e başlıyorum=)
İşte birinci gün kombinim mint yeşili delikli bluzüm ile papağan desenli kalem eteğimle çok rahat ve mutluyum.Hatta o fotoğrafları koymadım ama çekim sonunda  bu kombinle basketbol sahasında basket bile attım=))
 Şu an mağazalarda bu ürünleri bulabilirsiniz.
 Umarım ilham verebilmişimdir..

#ImWearingHM hashtagiyle Twitter'dan takip edebilirsiniz.

 Twitter: duygu_senyurek 
Instagram:duygu senyurek
 Hi Girls;
I 'm starting my H&M week today.
My first day's outfit are  mint green blouse and parrot patterned pencil skirt.
I was very happy and comfortable with them.
If you want u can find them in all H&M stores.
 my twitter :duygu_senyurek
And you can follow my post in #ImWearingHM hashtag in Twitter.
Skirt & Top &Bracelet : H&M
Etek & üst & Bileklik : H&M


 Sizlerde soğuklardan kıştan sıkılmadınız mı ?
Ben çok sıkıldım ve biran önce yaz gelsin istiyorum.Soğuk kış günlerinde dışarıda fotoğraf çekmek bazen çok zor olabiliyor.
Böyle bir günde kombinimi evde fotoğraflamaya karar verdim.
Forewer New marka etek kısmı çizgili penye olan bu elbiseyi rahatlığından  ve esneme  potansiyelinin olmasından dolayı sanırım hamileliğimin 8.ayına kadar giyebilirim.
Siyah-beyaz çizgilerin saks mavisi ile uyumu çok hoş değil mi?
 Don't you bored cold days ?
I'm really bored and to take a photo in cold weather ia so hard.
So I took photos in my home.
I wore new Forewer New stripes and indigo dress with Kurt Geiger shoes.
I think I can wear this dress until 8 months of my pragnency.
İndigo and stripes combo is great!
Keep on smiling.

Dress /Elbise : FOREWER NEW
Shoes / Ayakkabı : KURT GEIGER
Jacket / Ceket : ZARA
Bag / Çanta : CHANEL
Bracelets /Bileklik : ELİF ŞAFAKLIOĞLU
Watch / Saat : GUESS

Skinny Leather Pants

 Fotoğraflara bakıp yazın ortasında deri pantolon giyilir mi! demeyin.Çünkü bu pantolon başka=)Yazlık  incecik ve çok rahat=) Deri tayt, pantolon , etek, ceket kısacası deri olan herşeyi seviyorum.Bana çok klas geliyor.Deri kullanımı ile igili öneriler vermek istiyorum. Deri pantolon başlı başına zaten yeterince ilgi çekici. O yüzden ilgi odağını pantolondan dağıtmadan bir kombin yapmalı. Basic üstler tercih edilmeli, karmaşık desenler ve çok renkliler olmamalı.Ben aslında bugün üst olarak leopar desen kullanarak biraz abartmayı tercih ettim=) Deri pantolonlar kat kat bir görünüme çok uygunlar. Hırkalarınızı bluzlarınızı üst üste giyip kat kat bir görünüm elde edebilirsiniz.Ayakkabılar oldukça önemli. Deri pantolonlarla mutlaka topuklu giymek gerek. Böylelikle bacaklarınız daha ince ve uzun görüneceğinden deri pantolon üzerinizde daha güzel duracaktır.Genel olarak basic bir kombin imajından sapmayıp aksesuarı da abartmamak gerekiyor. Odak noktamız deri pantolonumuz,olduğuna göre fazla aksesuar kullanmaya  gerek yok.
                                 Her daim mutlu ve son moda kalın.
By looking at the photos you may say 'How come one can wear leather pants these hot whearther days!'. However; this pants is different =) It is so casual and thin=) I love everything that is leather such as; pants, skirts, jackets and tights. It is so classy as for me. I have some advices about the usage of leather. Before all else, leather pants is eye-catching. While doing the combination, center of the attention should be on the pants. There should be basic shirts and we should also avoid chaotic patterns. Indeed, today I prefer to glorify little bit by using leopard patterns =)
These pants are suitable for creating your own fashion. You can wear your cardigans and shirts in layers with them. Shoes also play a great role. You should wear high heeled shoes, so that your legs can be seen
thinner and longer. You should also avoid exaggerated accesories. There is no need to use lots of accesories since our focus is on the leather pants. 

Pants /Pantolon : HOME STORE
Shoes  / Ayakkabı : MANGO
Bracelets / Bileklikler : H&M , TRESERA
Top / Üst : ZARA
Sunglases / Güneş Gözlüğü : FENDI

Early New Year Celebration

 Canım arkadaşım Gülçin'nin yılbaşında doğumgünü ve biz beraber geçiremicez=(
Durum böyle olunca.Ev partisi düzenleyip hem doğum günü , hem de yeni yıl kutlamasıyaptık .Birbirimize hediyeler verdik=)
İyi ki doğmuşsun arkidişimmm=)

ZARA shirt,MANGO belt and bag,MAC lipstick

Yellow Pants

 Üniversiteye başladığım yıl yani 2000'de=) İspanyol paça pantolonlar çok modaydı.Tarih tekerrürden ibaret ki yıl 2012 ve ispanyol paça pantolonlar tekrar çok moda.
Bu paça pantolonları kısa boylu bayanlara şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum.Altına giyilen dolgu topuk veya yüksek ölçekli topuklu ayakkabılar ile bacak boyunuzu uzatabilirsiniz. Basic bir tişörtle kombinleyip çok şık olabilirsiniz.
Umarım ilham verebilmişimdir=)

Pants / Pantolon : Oxxo
Top / Üst : Zara
Scraf / Flar : Versace for HM
Shoes / Ayakkabı : Kurt Geiger

Fluffy Cardigan

 Sonbahar ve kış aylarında iç mekanlarda vakit geçireceğim zaman -özellikle Avm'ler de- genelde tercihim hırkalardan yana oluyor. Alışveriş koşturmacasın da veya cafelerin fazla sıcak olmasından  dolayı  tişört, ince bir gömlek veya kısa kollu bir elbise üzerine giydiğim hırkayı daraldığım zamanlarda kolayca  çıkartabilme lüksü beni mutlu ediyor.

Süper bir hafta olsun!

Shoes & Ayakkabı / Belt & Kemer : MANGO
Bag / Çanta : PRADA
Dress & Cardigan / Elbise & Hırka : TOPSHOP
Ring / Yüzük : H&M

My H&M

 My H&M Week'te  bugünün kombini şeker pembesi çok şık bir peplum  elbise.2012 de altın çağını yaşayan peplum olan bluz,ceket, etek, elbise herşeye bayılıyorum=)
Kırmızı, pembe,turuncu neon taşlı kolyemle elbiseyi daha çok renklendirmek istedim=)Basic bir beyaz tişörtle bu kolyenin nasıl güzel duracağını düşünemiyorum bile=)
Peplum'lar çalışan kadınlar  için harika! Çünkü abartı olmadan şık duruyor.  Peplum elbise giyerken, şeklini vurgulamak için ince bir kemer kullanabilirsiniz.Topuklu ayakkabılar ve büyük küpeler ise kombinin tamamlayıcı diğer parçaları olabilir..
 Umarım ilham verebilmişimdir=)
 Her daim mutlu ve son moda kalın=)
 instagram: duygusenyurek
#ImWearingHM hashtagiyle beni takip etmeyi unutmayın=)
 “Hey Girls;                                                                              
In ‘’My H&M Week’’ today, my outfit combination is this elegant pink dress. Year 2012 is the golden age for peplum blouses, jackets, skirts and dresses and I am in love with all of them =)
I wanted to color more my outfit with this necklace with red, pink, orange neon details =) I can not even wait to see how this necklace looks good on me with a white basic shirt =)
These peplums are awesome for working women! Because they are elegant without hyped up looking. While wearing peplum dress, just to highlight the shape of the dress, you can use a thin belt. High heel shoes and big earrings can be complementaries for your gorgeous lookin Hope I inspired you =)

you can follow my post in #ImWearingHM hashtag in Twitter.
Always be happy and fashionable =)

Dress / ElbiseNecklace Kolye : H&M


Merhaba Arkadaşlar;
Bu postu yazarken çok heyecanlıyım.Geçen hafta Adana'ya gitmeden önce harika birşey oldu. Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Bilgisayar  dersi öğretim görevlisi olan Selda Kayak benim facebook ve blog takipçim.Beni uzun süredir takip ettiğini,  çok beğendiğini ,kedisinin üniversitede o haftaki dersinde blog nedir,bloggerlar kimlerdir ? Blog nasıl oluşturulur ? İş hayatında blog açmanın  ne  gibi  faydaları olabilir ? tarzında bir ders işleyeceğini söyledi ve beni konuk blogger olarak derse davet etti.Bende Adana'ya gideceğim için gelemeyeceğimi söyledim. Ama kendisi o kadar tatlı ki benim için dersi bu haftaya alabileceğini söyledi.Ben de bu hafta büyük bir heyecanla hazırlanarak gittim=)Çok heyecanlıydım Üniversite'den mezun olalı yedi  sene oldu.Ve öğrencilik yıllarımı üniversite ortamını o kadar özlemiştim ki.Koşarak gittim=) Selda Hocayla  ilk kez orada tanıştık. Beni çok güzel ağırladı. Heyecanımı yatıştırdı =) .Gözde Turan isimli şeker  öğrenci  fotoğrafçılığımızı yaptı=) Kendisine buradan teşekkürler=) Eğitim Fakültesi eski bir yeniçeri ocağımıymış ve 2. Mahmut yaptırmış. Üniversite resmen tarih kokuyor arkadaşlar .Hürrem Sultan dizisinin bazı bölümleri dahi burada çekiliyor.Post yapmak, fotoğraf çekmek için ideal bir yer =).
Kısacası benim için çok özel ve gurur verici bir gün oldu.Selda Hocaya bana bu güzel deneyimi yaşattığı için çok teşekkür ederim

Shoes / Ayakkabı : Matraş
Skirt Etek : HM
Shirt / Gömlek Mango
Pearl Necklace / İnci Kolye :Yargıcı
Bag / Çanta : Vakko
Jacket / Ceket HM

Top 3 w/ Topshop

Cobalt mavisinin, derilerin, tüylü kazakların, upuzun çizmelerin, ekoselerin, mini eteklerin, yumuşacık kazakların olduğu 3 günlük kombin serüvenüne hazır mısınız ? Topshop'dan favori parçalarımla oluşturduğum 3 farklı kombin ile 3 gün boyunca sizlerle olacağım.
Herkesin kendinden bir şey bulup, ilham alacağına eminin.

İşte günün ilk kombini;tüylü kazak, deri şeritli,cobalt mavisi,mini etek ve uzun çizme!

Bu keyifli salının tadını çıkarın! 
 Are you ready for a combination which includes long leather boots, cobalt blue skirt, and downy sweater.
I prepared 3 Topshop combinations for the next 3 days.
I am sure these posts will give you some combination ideas for your special days...

Enjoy it. Have a great Tuesday...

All Clothes from TOPSHOP
Tüm Kıyafetler TOPSHOP

Bachelor Look

 Beni instagram'dan takip edenler bilir (etmeyenler, duygusenyurek adıyla takip edebilirler)  bir süredir Bodrum'da babymoon yapmaktaydım.
Harika Bodrum havasından, eşsiz manzarasından fotoğraflar paylaşmadan önce, yakın bir kız arkadaşımın bekarlığa veda partisine katılırken giydiğim kombini paylaşmak istedim.
Aslında bu kombinle ilgili en özel durum kuşkusuz Forever New kolye. Büyüleyici ve elegan..

Birileri size hamilelerin dar elbiseler giyemeyeceğini söylerse duymamazlıktan gelin:)
Keyfini çıkarın!
Those who follow me on instagram (those who dont can follow me as 'duygusenyurek' ) know that I am doing babymoon in Bodrum, recently,Before sharing amazing atmosphere and unique view of Bodrum I wanted to share my combination from a close friend's bachelor's party.
Actually the most special piece of this combination is Forever New necklace.Fascinating and elegant..

If anyone tells you that pregnant woman connot wear tight dresses just ignore them.

Enjoy it! 

Dress / Elbise : MISS SELFRIDGE
Bag / Çanta : GIZIA
Necklace / Kolye : FOREVER NEW
Sandals / Sandelet : ZARA
Shades / Güneş Gözlüğü : PRADA
Lipstick / Ruj : MAC ( ruby woo)

Like a Princess

Yılbaşı yaklaşırken ne giysem telaşınızı azaltmak için, kombin önerilerime devam ediyorum.
Bunlardan biri zaten ışıl ışıl olan bu gecede sizinde bir prenses gibi parlayacağınız Topshop elbise, Christian Louboutin so Kate stilettolar ve Mango mini  kürk.

Beğendiniz mi?
Harika bir hafta sonu olsun!

While the new year is coming closer, I am continuing my new year combination post. You are gonna be sparkle wıth this Topshop dress.

Have a great weekend...

Shoes / Ayakkabı : CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ( so kate)
Bag / Çanta : CHANEL ( 2.55)
Dress / Elbise : TOPSHOP
Faux Fur / Kürk : MANGO

Puffer Princess

 Kabarık eteklere olan ilgim çocukluğumdan beri var.İçlerinde kendimi -küçük-prenses gibi hissetmem çok normal değil mi :) ? Çocukken en sevdiğim şey kabarık eteklerimi giyip etrafımda dönmekti!
Hangimizin böyle etekleri olmadı ki!

Harika bir hafta ortası olsun!

Shoes / Ayakkabı : MANGO
Sweater / Kazak : TOPSHOP
Skirt / Etek : H&M
Ring / Yüzük : DUYGU CİNİSLİ
Bag / Çanta : CHANEL 

I'm Back

 Paris postlarına küçük bir ara=)
Dün  Nişantaşında  çok güzel bir açılışa davetliydim.
Davete gitmeden özlediğim Nişantaşı   sokaklarına kendimi  attım.
Ve bu kırmızı ve siyahın harika uyumunu gösteren kombinimle karşınızdayım.
Gülnur Güneş tasarımı pelerinim ve transparan  şifon detaylı gömleğimi H&M eteğim ile kombinledim.
Christian Louboutin ayakkabım ve Louis Vuitton çantam ile kombinimi tamamladım.
Umarım ilham verebilirim.
 I want to give a break post of Paris posts.
I was invited opening party in Nişantaşı  today.
I wore my Gulnur Gunes chiffon  shirt and cloak with H&M skirt .
I was completed my outfit with Christian Louboutin shoes and  Louis Vuitton alma bag.
I hope you like them.
Keep on smiling.

Shirt and Coat / Gömlek ve Pelerin : GÜLNUR GÜNEŞ DESIGN
Skirt / Etek : H&M
Shoes / Ayakkabı : CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (corneille)
Bag / Çanta : LOUIS VUITTON (alma)
I Phone Case / Kılıf  : MOSCHINO

A Date

 Güneşli İstanbul günleri yaşıyorken özel bir buluşmada giyebileceğiniz en güzel kıyafet kuşkusuz dantel detaylı siyah bir elbise olacaktır.Her geçen gün -modası asla geçmeyen -dantel detaylı elbiselerin bir yenisi dolabıma ekleniyor. İster babetlerle, ister bootilerle, ister stilettolarla her daim sevimli ve şıklar.

Hepimiz için keyifli bir hafta olsun!

Shoes / Ayakkabı : KURT GEIGER
Dress / Elbise : TWIST
Belt / Kemer : MANGO
Bag / Çanta : PRADA
Rings / Yüzükler : H&M

Varius outfit