Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Little spring

 Spring is almost here and because of higher temperatures I decided to put on one of my dresses still with strong tights. Browns and blues fit well with this leather jacket that I brought from the forgotten past and whose color I love. Ballerinas to feel comfy and wooden and golden complements.

Jacket: Zara kids (old)
Dress: Lefties (S-S 11)
Tights: Local store
Ballerinas: Local store
Jewelry: Blanco
Glasses: Vintage

Black leopard

Today you have a darker look. I tried to mix only black items and this is the result. Everything you like to add is welcome, fluor clutchs, bright satchels, oversize jumpers, heels,...

I also want to point the vintage bag that I received from my mum. It’s totally simple, but I like it a lot. I would like to emphasize the bag in another outfit. Do you have any idea?

Jacket: Zara (old)
Dress: Lefties (old)
Bag: Vintage
Ballerinas: Primark (S-pimS 11)
Watch: Local store

Here I am

 I start with this post a new season for the blog. You can see here what I wear every day and also you will know me a bit more. I wore this outfit Monday afternoon to go for a walk and to go for a drink. It is formal and comfortable. I hope you like it and I’m waiting for your comments about everything you want. Thanks!

Blouse: Mum’s closet

Coat: Old

Heels: H&M (A-W 11-12)
Bag: H&M
Blazer: Pimkie (Old)
Leggins: Bershka (Old)
Jewelry: Blanco & local store
Watch: Local store
Glasses: Vintage

On air

 The weather was quite good last days, so I could wear one of my sales achievements: this Primark dress that is avaliable for only 7€. It is really lovely and I imagine a lot of outfits with it.

Yesterday I wore it with a black blazer and high-heels, but the neckerchief made the difference. It looks like an air hostess uniform, doesn’t it? How do you combine these neckerchiefs?

Neckerchief: Mon’s closet
Blazer: Pimkie (Old)
Dress: Primark (A-W 11-12)
Heels: H&M (A-W 11-12)
Bag: Stradivarius (Old)
Tights: Local store
Jewelry: Blanco
Watch: Local store

Flowers and stone

 A short post due to a mad memory card. I wore this on Monday to my office. I found it stylish and I like it a lot in spite of mixing the prints of tights and belt-scarf.

I didn’t wear the heels to my job because I have to walk a lot. I combined it with ballerinas, but I think it looks betters with high heels. What do you think?

Beret: H&M (old)
Blazer: Pimkie (old)
Blouse: Mum’s closet
Shorts: Pull and Bear (old)
Scarf: Mum’s closet
Tights: Primark (A-W 11-12)
Clutch: Blanco
Heels: Marypaz (S-S 11)

Baptism look

 Last weekend I went to my nephew’s baptism. It took place during the morning in Ponferrada, such a beautiful town..., and that was the reason why I chose this little blue dress.

I included flowers, one of the must-have of this season, but with my personal style. I also wore a pair of heels that I had to change in the restaurant (Oh, my feet!). Nude colour in the jacket and marine blue for my bag.

I’m in love with some of the details of the baptism, a chocolate cigar and a personalized Ferrero Rocher box. Good luck to you, baby boy!

Jacket: H&M (S-S 12)
Dress: Local store
Bag: Paco Martínez
Heels: H&M (A-W 11-12)
Ballerinas: Marypaz
Jewelry: Primark, Blanco and ethnic store

Barcelona: 1st day

 Last weekend was amusing and enjoyable. We did a lot of things and Barcelona didn’t disappoint me, like every time I go. For the first day we use the hotel terrace for the photos and that’s why it has breathtaking views: Agbar Tower, Arts Hotel, Mafre Tower, Sagrada Familia…everything was around us!
For the first day I wore a simple look with a skirt that my mom made for me (she’s a genius).  I chose only a few complements, but with golden details to contrast with the black color. We finished the day having dinner Wok Organic food with the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Perfect.

Jacket: Lefties (A-W 11-12)
T-shirt: Bershka (S-S 11)
Skirt: By mon (I love you mom!)
Tights: Local store
Ballerinas: Primark (S-S 11)
Belt: Blanco (A-W 11-12)
Watch: Local store

New Year's Eve: Third outfit

 Today I show you my last idea for New Year’s Eve. All of the items are already known by my blog readers. If I can create a perfect outfit and save an amount of money, why not? Black blazer, heels and tighs. Everything very simple. The difference is made by the dress as a blouse and the sequined skirt. I hope you like it!

Blazer: Pimkie (Old)
Dress as a blouse: Pull & Bear (S-S 12)
Skirt: Lefties (A-W 11-12)
Tights: Local store
Heels: H&M
Bag: Local store
Sunglasses: SuiteBlanco

New Year's Eve: First outfit

New Year’s Eve is near and the following Fridays I will show you some ideas for this special ocassion. Today the most classical one, black. The LBD is always a good option, but if you add some original details, you will be perfect. In my case, I combined it with mi leo-slippers (I can’t wear heels the whole night) and a red clutch matching my lipstick and my nail polish. It’s smart but not boring. I hope you like it!

Coat: Old
Dress: Blanco (Old)
Slippers: Primark
Clutch: Local store
Watch: Local store
Sunglasses: SuiteBlanco

Some outfits

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Monday, June 24, 2013


Animal print for every day

Animal prints have long been a popular style for many reasons. For one, they are generally expensive and considered rather exotic; hence they are a symbol of wealth and status. Throughout history, kings and other high people have used animal print rugs and such as a sign of status just as mounted animals are kept as trophies. Animal print became popular for women in the United States in the late 1960s during the Bohemian movement. (source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_print)

Thankfully, hunting is no more considered a great "sport" everywhere in the world as people realize that there is nothing glorious in killing an animal. However, the trend of having animal print has not yet died. Of course, today animal print  do not mean animal skin. In fact, if you would be careful, the very name indicates that this is not supposed to be the real skin but only their prints. (adapteda after: http://www.articlesbase.com/interior-design-articles/why-are-animal-print-rugs-so-much-in-demand-365144.html#)

In this way you have plenty to choose from the following animal print clothes - lion, wild cat, leopard, zebra, tiger, goat, panther, grizzly bear, polar bear, wolf and many more. You can wear as much print as you like, or just add a little touch, with animal print accessories, just to give a hint of the animal inside you.

The general rule of wearing Animal print to wear it successfully, relate the volume of animal print to your personality. Check the videos below  for some tips about how to wear animal prints clothes. Enjoy!

For a night out

No brand coverall | Fabriano boutique pochete | Zara shoes

  Going out for a drink with friends

Stefanel dress | New Look tights | LescarpediRita shoes | Vintage top

 Simple and comfortable for a walk

H&M dress | Vintage bag

casual for day and night

Vintage snake sweater and skirt | Calzedonia tights | LescarpediRita shoes

 a little bit more elegant

Zara blouse | Vintage skirt, bag and metallic belt

Happy Spring look

Strenesse Gabriele Strehle plaid jacket | United Colors of Beneton skirt | DIY clutch 

AX Paris Sequins Dress

 Hello my lovely birds,
The weekend  is knocking  already J My last weekend was a pure adventure to make possible to take this photo that you can see today. I manage to do everything on Saturday in order to have some spare time on Saturday  for shooting. You know that I’ve recently moved to another apartment and I still watching TV on the carpet cos our sofa will arrived before Christmas (just imagine how is :D). So all Saturday was IKEA running day  and …gosh…tomorrow is another IKEA day JWell, last Saturday, I didn’t even imagine that the weather forecast will ruin all my plans. My boyfriend shoot this pictures under the rain, you can see my messy hair :D. But I’m so happy that this time he didn’t give me any Queen Drama Show J
The dress is absolutely a challenge for me. I come from Moldova. And unfortunately people from my originally country wearing sequins at every single event. And for years I was completely avoiding sequins garments. When I saw this dress at AX PARIS shop I loved it. Loved it and was struggle with myself.  But I decided to try it at the end. I told myself that I am Reinvent Yourself Girl. I have to challenge myself and to show to my readers that it depends how you wear the sequins. This is perfect evening disco dress. And attract the attention. If you want a really Star Evening – This is for sure the right dress.
Hope you like my homework J J J
Many, many kisses

I was wearing:
AX PARIS sequins dress
ZARA heels
BERSHKA fake fur
VINTAGE clutch


 Hi my little birds,
Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I thought to make it special. I finally have worn this beautiful dress that I got fromCHI CHI shop that I strongly recommend. And finally I got an occasion to wear my lovely Zara heels :)
Wish you a beautiful week and JOIN STARPIQ.com if you want.

Many Kisses,


I was wearing:
CHI CHI dress
PIMKEY clutch
ZARA earings and heels

Same same but different

 Hello my dears,
Here is the fur that you saw me wearing it before in a very elegant outfit. Today I want to show that this awesome fake fur can ba a perfect item for different looks: sporty, rock, edge, etc, etc. I think it  is perfect for everyday use cos it is so versatile. What do you think about?

I was wearing:
JIGLYS necklace
ZARA wedges
FIRMOO sunglasses

Merry Christmas

 My dears,
Wish you a Happy Holidays!!!
Thank you so much for reading my blog and to being by my side so many times.

Love you so so much!!!


My dears,
Wish you a Happy Holidays!!!
Thank you so much for reading my blog and to being by my side so many times.

Love you so so much!!!


I don’t have a thing to wear 

 How many times have you opened your wardrobe and thought that you don’t have a thing to wear (again, or as usuall)?! I bet that this happens often. About 6 years ago, I read a book by Judi Taggart and Jackie Walker called “ I don’t have a thing to wear.” It is an interesting book, a must have I would say, that explains why women love to go shopping, and why we bring so many clothes with us when we travel for a short amount of time. The authors of the book give good tips on how to shop, pack for travel, find a style that fits you best; and other great and useful tips. I remember my first task was to take advice from the book and shop in my own closet. I even went as far as to shop in my mom’s closet as well J. Below you can see a few looks made with my mom’s clothes. Hope you will like it. The book was really helpful, and I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn how to shop, pack for travel, and find a style that fits him or her best.

Valentino bag | Mom's poncho | Calzedonia leggings | LescarpediRita platforms

Floral week

 Let’s start this week with a lot of flowers. I’m sure you have some floral blouse or pants/cardigan/skirt in your wardrobe that you forgot about long time ago. So now is the right time to pull it out from your wardrobe  and to wear it. Do you remember that  makes part of our weekly therapy for a positive and good moods?! What do you think about? Deal?  

era Pelle leather jacket | Mike Harold skirt | Zara blouse | H&M strawberry clutch |
C'N'C Costume National

Some outfits