Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucie from Czech Republic

Spring in the air

  Today was such an amazing day. The weather was absolutely perfect and I didnt go to the university. Instead of it I spent two hours in my favorite hairdressing salon and if I could I would stay there forever. :) I really love that place and my hairdresser is absolutely awesome. Unfortunately this awesome day full of relaxing ended and I am sitting in front of my computer trying to write something about Court of Justice of the EU. I am telling you it is not fun at all.

Skirt: HM, Shoes: unkown, Top: inlovewithfashion, Clutch: Lasperk, Necklace: Body Central


Monday was the first day of the new semestr at my university and it was also one of the most boring days this year. I am aware that a lot of people dont like studying but I really hate it because I have no interest of becoming a lawyer. I was just sitting there listening to one of my profesors and wondering why am I wasting my time there. I am really not sure how will I handle that year and a half before I finish it. 

Dress and necklace: Charlotte Russe, Jacket: Jannis, Purse and shoes: New Yorker, Ring: SIX

Real feelings but fake fur

If I think about it I can see myself wearing almost everything. But there is one thing I will never ever wear. And that is real fur. Seriously I cant find any reason why people wear it when there is a faux fur which looks exactly the same and no animals have to suffer? Do you share the same opinion?

Dress and bag: Forever 21, Blazer and blazer: Charlotte Russe, Scarf: H&M, Shoes: Humanic, Sunglasses: Clockhouse

Sequin dress

 During my search for a perfect dress for my sisters prom I came to one conclusion. It is extremly difficult to find a beautiful maxi dress in our shops. I only found two shop where they sell them but they are really expensive and not really pretty. I was thinking about buying a dress online but I am scared it is not gonna fit perfectly so I will probably wear thissequin dress.

Dress and purse: H&M, Coat: Terannova, Shoes: Humanic

Head in the clouds

I spent the afternoon in Pilsen by both shopping and studying in the library. But to be honest the biggest amount of time was spent by shopping. :) I really need to learn because my next exam is on Tuesday. It is so difficult for me to do it because I hate what I study. But I have to do it. Today I am going to show you my new heels which I love

Blouse and shorts: H&M, Bag: Domi, Scarf: C&A, Accessories: my sister's

Snow princess

Dont worry. I havent lost my mind and started walking in a summer dress while it is freezing outside. I just came home yesterday, saw that it was snowing again and thought that pics in a snow could look magical. When I was looking into my wardrobe this gorgeous dress cought my eye and I decided to take it on and take some pics. Well, I was outside for about 5 minutes and I came to one conclusion. Never do it again if you dont want to freeze to death. Happily the pics turned out quite good so it was worth it (probably) but next time I will at least keep my cardigan on

Dress: Sammy Dress, Shoes and headband: New Yorker, Purse: HM, Bracelets: Charlotte Russe and SIX

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