Saturday, February 2, 2013


Black Heels

 Excuse me if this week might seem a little funeral-ish... there are a lot of black basics that should be found in your wardrobe. I hope all of you have a pair of black heels, really there is no excuse if you don't unless you simply don't own any heels. Black heels are so versatile they can be worn with jeans or a gorgeous evening gown. Don't rob yourself of this wonderful item.
Top: Loft $7.50, Skirt: Forever 21 $7, Necklace: Aldo {old}, Clutch: Spring {old}
Tights: Winners $5, Shoes: Payless {gifted}

Black Tights

 Okay I went a little picture crazy for this post but it just felt so Audrey Hepburn and I was really excited about that. So, black tights. There are a few different kinds of black tights that really every lady should have; sheer, opaque, and some sort of pattern. I love these Fleur de Lis tights, they add a little oomph to any outfit but sometimes you just need a sheer or opaque pair of tights so it's important to have the basics just in case. Also I feel like you should definitely shop for a bargain because even the most expensive tights can get a run without any warning so don't spend too much on them. I try to find a quality pair on a good sale.
Jacket: Luii via Winners $35, Dress: Joe Fresh $15, Necklace: Joe Fresh $7, 
Tights: Winners $5, Shoes: Payless - gifted


The Blazer is basically a glorified jacket that was reserved for the white collar, but that is no more! In the past few years I have been slowly building my Blazer collection. They are great because they are totally appropriate for a job interview and/or work but they can be thrown on during the weekend for a brunch or outing to the park. 

Blazer: Gap $25, Shirt: Gap $10, Skirt: Forever 21 $7.80, Purse: Maurices $10
Necklace: Joe Fresh $7, Watch: Aldo $35, Shoes: Aldo $25 

Brown Tights

 have to confess brown tights might not be a staple for everyone  BUT if you find that your go-to neutral is brown rather than black or cream rather than stark white then it is definitely a staple you need. I tend to look better in browns and creams so it is necessary for me to have matching hosiery. These are my favorite tights and I can't believe this is their debut on the blog because I wear them the most out of all my tights. 

Top: Loft $14, Necklace: eBay $8, Belt: Garage $2.50, Clutch: H&M $12
Skirt: Forever 21 $18, Tights: Old Navy $3, Shoes: Aldo $25

Knitted Scarf and jeans

Scarf: Zara $35, Sweater: Gap $20, Jacket: Diesel $5, Jeans: AEO $40
Shoes: Payless - gifted

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