Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charlene from Swiss

Skirt and boots
 Finally, finally, finally I got it!!!! When I saw this body chain on Ebay one month ago, I totally fell. I love extraordinary jewellery! What I like most is, that this body chain is pretty simple. Nothing more then some bronze colored chains, no bling-bling, no kitsch at all. It reminds me of a filegree chain mail or something. I can imagine it on naked skin, with a strapless top or dress, or like in this outfit with a simple knitted jumper. I think it's totally amazing!!!  But I didn't expected this chain to be so unfounded. It moves all the time, as you can see on the pics. But that's a annoyance I can live with. Maybe I'll get an idea of fixing it somehow. 
By the way, that's a typical office outfit of me with a colored knitted jumper, a skirt an boots. But with the body chain it changes totally. How fascinating! 
The mustard colored purse is new as well. I bought it some weeks ago. I love the colour! It's one of my favorite colours this autumn once again and it's matches perfectly with bronce colored jewellery.
Do you have body chains as well? Do you like this kind of jewellery?

Pullover: Clockhouse / Jupe: Orsay / Tasche, Stiefel: H&M / Ring mit Stein, Portemonnaie: New Yorker 
Body chain: Ebay / Klauenarmreif und -ring: VJ-Style

Retro outfit
 The white skirt is from Orsay and made of a amazing light fabric. But you always have to make sure that it's a windless day, when you want to wear it. When I was wearing it for the first time without checking the weather report, so I had some really embarrassing  Marilyn Monroe-moments. I think, I would have burst into laughter, if it wasn't myself...^^
The shirt is from New Yorker, I had an eye on it for a long time. I love tied blouses, they always have this girly and uncomplicated effect.  And with fruit print, they're perfect for summer!
The pineapple-bag is form from H&M. I bought it during our last shopping day in Singen. It was love at first sight! Even if there's extremely less storage place in it, I think she's gorgeous! I adore the bast!
Normally I prefere natural  lipstick in a soft rosewood colour. But with this totally feminie outfit, I had to wear classical red lipstick... Now, I'm waiting for summer!


Bluse: New Yorker / Jupe: Orsay / Tasche: H&M /Ohrringe: Sixx / Armreifen: India Shop / Ring: clockhosue 
Schuhe: Vögele  Shoes

Yellow skirt

 Mustard, yellow as the sun or light yellow, I wear them all. And so I absolutely couldn't resist, when I saw this amazing linen-skirt in H&M. I loved the surreally bright shining lemon-colour at first sight. And I would have never thought about how to combine it. I had no qualms. You rarely findes something beautiful like this...
And as you see, I HAVE found something. It was clear, I had to combine something classic like a high-necked blouse with blue and white stripes. But because I hadn't a high-necked one, I took this metal-collar to get a high-necked effect. 
I wasn't sure about my shoes and the bag. But because I think of my hair as an accessoire, I took matching shoes and bag. And I love the contrast!

Jupe, Metal-Kragen, Bluse, Silberring, Jacke: H&M / Schuhe: Vögele Shoes / gelber Ring: Clockhouse 
Rosenring: Geschenk von Debbie / Armreif: New Yorker / Tasche: Secondhand

Romantic outfit

 I felt so romantic and feminine.. Oh I love spring! What a great feeling staying out in the spring sun and enjoy a day off! And can you imagine, how wonderful the sequines sparkled in the sunlight?! I almost felt like a Twilight vampire... ^^ I wasn't sure about wearing sequines in daylight, but after doing it, I know, it was right!
I combined a matching skirt in salmon, I bought in H&M on Friday for just CHF 5.- =) I loooove bargains! I was looking for such a skirt for a long time!
And I've found something else, I couldn't live without it anymore: copper-coloured bracelets, I wore at my wrists and ankles. I'm totally in love! Actually, I bought the four bracelets for my wrists only, but than it looked so sweet wearing it at my ankles... Now, I'm looking for a necklace in the same style. 

Pullover, Tasche, Ring: New  Yorker / Ohrringe: Pieces / Jupe, Armreifen: H&M
 Schuhe: Vögele Shoes

Feminine outfit

Jacke: H&M
Pullover: Yendi
Jupe (Kleid): C&A
Tasche: Secondhand
Strumpfhose: Avant Première
Ancle Boots: New Yorker
Ohrringe Bijou Brigitte
Ringe: Manor (Widderkopf), Bijou Brigitte (Rose, Tigerkopf), New Yorker (Katze)

Pastel coloured


Pulli, Jupe: Clockhouse / Spitzenkragen: DaWanda / Halskette: Secondhand / Ohrringe, Ring: New Yorker
Armband: Chiccorée / Pumps: Vögele Shoes

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