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Before the All Saints Day ...‚

Turtleneck/Sweater/Bag/Shoes: ZARA; HAT: Boohoo; Tights: Calzedonia; Skirt: Sandra Pabst, Berlin, ; Shades: LeSpecs-Runaways/via my Fab Shop ; Jewelry: Tiffany&Co., J. Crew; Donat; Nakit Zies, YSL, Zlatarna Celje. Watch: Guess. 


Tee/Shoes/Jacket: ZARA; Skirt/Hat: Boohoo; Tights: ASOS; Jewelry: Hermes, Tiffany&Co., YSL, Zlatarna Celje, Nakit Zies, Donat, Swarovski. Shades: LeSpecs-Runaways. Watch: Guess. Brooch: Chanel Vintage-via Fab. Lipstick: Guerlain/KissKiss/Nr. 28.
Nice Day Everyone! Be happy, stay in touch, see yaa soon:-)

Love, Claudine

Red, red Wine

Turtleneck: ZARA; Skirt: River Island; Tights: Calzedonia; Booties/Belt: Zara; Jacket: Pull&Bear; Bag: Baginc; Shades: LesSpecs-Runaways; Jewelry: Asos, Hermes, Tiffany&Co., Zlatarna Celje, Nakit Zies. Watch: Guess.Lipstick: Guerlain, Paris/KissKiss, Long Lasting, Rouge Opera Nr. 29.
Enjoy the beautiful sunny October Fall!

L.O.V.E., Claudine

 Like COCO

Hello, my dears!

How are you today? I'm pretty good. Basketball Championship - EURO BASKET 2013 in Slovenia and in my hometown Celje is right now full in swing. Just in my area where I live, is a hall, where are games (watch tv:-)). So fingers crossed for our teams!:-) Ok.

Today's post I dedicate to a little black dress or LBD in short (yes, I had also this LBD Gurlain pefume, it smells wonderful, but sorry, not wearing today - an another story :-)). This Zara LBD is basically an old, but currently totally topical! Just this A/W season are 60-ies so hot: mini skirts, A-line skirts, coats and jackets; B&W, lace, deep red, pink,  leopard...  so really bit retro, have to say. But I just adore this!!!

You know, like in the old Hitchcock movies or in old french movies from Claude Chabrol, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard - the french "New wave" or "La nouvelle vague". I really loved these movies like a little girl and adore a great style of Catherine Deneuve, Stéphane Audran, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedren, Mia Farrow, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Romy Schneider, Claudia Cardinale ... So, this season has also Valentino a wonderful collection of lacy black dresses with white crochet collars, what mean a strong touch and an influence of 60-ies and ... of Coco! Such a beautiful, classic and eternal. And so it is my old collection on this date:-) Old and ever new!

Jewelry and bag (vintage) I have already presented in July. But anyway, that will be seeing in many of my future posts (like also this ZARA LBD!). I can't get enough of it because it's so simple, practical and timeless as just Coco and her big and great influence on the contemporary fashion - on the fashion today! And of course her perfume No. 5 (wearing today:-)). You remember my first August post? Right: I'm the Nr. 5, because of my birthday on 2.12.:-)! What else :-)

In my next post I will show you the LBD, part II. I will say nothing at this moment. But I will present one another very hot style this season, with the same dressI promise, it will be not boring, but it will be (I promised this, remember?!) in B&W optic!!:-)

And now one more question for You, my dears. You're still here??:-) Earrings: Which you prefer in this post: black small or big Creoles? Oh, the collar! This is my artwork. One day, I hope that I will have soon my own online store just for you. I have some plans. Well I have only one thing in common with Coco:-) Hope you like it.

Well, I'm going now. I talked toooo much this time and also sorry for my english!:-) Gosh, thank you for reading anyway...

                             ... have a wonderful, wonderful day....
... au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye, arrivederci...
... bisous, baci, kisses ...


LBD: ZARA; Shoes: Humanic; Socks: Intimissimi; Sunnies: Prada; Headband: SiX; Jewelry/Bag: Chanel Vintage; Hermes, Swarovski. Watch: Longines: Dolce Vita men (did you remember Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca movie?... love this watch so much!) All products to buy via Stylebop and Fab.

Paisley Blue

Turtleneck: Vero Moda; Skirt: ASOS (new); Shoes: ZARA; Bag: Celine; Jewlry: TOP SHOP, H&M; Swatch (Watch), Swarovski,ZARA; Sunglases: Prada.

YSL loves You

Blazer, Pants, Hat, Shoes, Belt: ZARA; Blouse: Stradivarius; Sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers at ASOS; Clutch: vintage from my mom (thanks mom); Jewelry: YSL, Hermes, dhgate, Tiffany, Zlatarna Celje, Top Shop, Swarovski; Notes: YSL. Lip Stick: Clarins.

Malena is coming home

Dress and Clutch: Dolce&Gabbana,Purse: Hermes, Coat, Blazer, Pumps, Belts: ZARA, Sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers Retro, Jewelry: Swatch, Tiffany, Swarovski. Watch: GuessHair Accessoires: H&M, Tights: Calzedonia, Nude Bra: Intimissimi.


Skirt: MANGO, similar on Shopbop/see shops above/; Sandals: ASOS; Bag: Pull&Bear, similar on shops above/; Sunnies: Prada /see shops above/.
Hi, guys. Do you survived the full moon? And your dears with you???:-D OK. No kidding. I have to say, that this time i was really cool.:-) Oh, no, no ...  I didn't turn into a snake!:-) ... but into a "messy-hair lady":-) Well, on this shotting it was very, very windy, which is reflected also in this post. I'm really sorry. With Spela we tried to make the best, but ... anyway ... hope, you like it :-).
Sssssssseriously, a very happy Day, wish U all,

LOVE, LOVE, Claudine


 Hi guys!  
How are you today? Fine? Yaa? What can I say to this post? Nothing else like, I just need some Transvision Vamp in this moment :-), You know: " I don't want your money honey, I want Your... LOVE ... I want your looooovee, I want Your L.O.V.E......" and again and again in chorus ... So really an awesome song from an awesome brit band from the past!:-D I loved this song and also "The Bad Valentine" and "I don't care" ..::-)) So have to say, was really a fan like a teenie!:-) But these songs are not for my kid! He likes Rock and Rap...You know, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Macklemore ...:-) I like all, but Transvison Vamp was in my time (as a teenie) real so decadent punky and I just adored the lead singer Wendy James and her attitude, she was sooo cool and stylish  ... oh, it's so long ago...:-) Talk too much again, right?:-)...

Well, my dears, this is The End of my triology:-) Are you enjoyed? Which part liked you the most? Okay, Anja Rubik is not included!:-) So, tell me .. let's comment. I promise the next post will be full of colours again and really effortless! Have a nice day, be punky and enjoy this September! Cheers!
LOVE, Claudine

Dress: ZARA; Shoes: Boohoo (yoooohooohooo-super,super wearing!:-))/via my boohoo shop/; Socks: Intimissimi; Sunnies: Prada; Jewelry: Hermes, H&M; Swatch; Swarovski, ASOS.

Varius Outfit

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