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Vicky Kliebe

Peplum tartan skirt

 Greypeplum. And here we go again with an outfit with this great Bershka jacket, which I have already shown you on Monday styled differently. This is a typical outfit for the weekends. There is nothing cozier than a pair ofoverknees and my favorite biker boots. My friends and I are throwing a great International Christmas party here in Paris this afternoon where everybody brings something typical from their country. Pretty excited on how people use to celebrate those days with their beloved people.

Jacket: Bershka (similar one here and here) | peplum skirt: ASOS (more Tartan Styles here) | overknees & ring: Primark (more available here)| boots: Bootsshop in Paris (more Biker boots here)


 A colour that I usually avoid wearing because I have this idea in my mind that it clashes with blonde hair. But I changed my mind and here is an outfit with this great yellow jacket and the other cool skirt I found at Bershka last weekend. Recently I also discovered the shoes from Mellow yellow and I am simply in love with their models. I only need to wait for the sales now... no more shopping until then!

Jacket: Zara (I also like this one and that one) | Skirt: Bershka (more metallic skirts here) | bag: vintage | shoes: Mellow yellow (shoes that would match too: herehere, and here)

Salvatore Ferragamo heels

 Casino. Some days ago, I browsed through all my pictures in search for evening looks. I found these pictures which I shot with Bastian in December. The reason why I was doing that: I always wanted to go to a casino once and needed some inspiration for an appropriate casino look. Of course, it’s not that easy. Especially when you're in Las Vegas where they are playing for keeps in terms of dresscode. For men, it is always easy. They just have to wear a suit, and that's it. For women, high heels are a must! Black and red are the casino's colours, maybe I could pull out my favourite red dress. But thinking about it, I realised that I’ve got lots of prom dresses. I am sure one of them will suit. I hope our Road Trip through America finally comes into action next summer.

H&M Top | Zara sequin skirt | Salvatore Ferragamo heels

Light blue and bows

Favpull. This is one of my favorite pull which I have never showed to you before - don't know why. Especially the bow at the back makes it so cute. I love this cosy version combined with a cute skirt and tights. And nobody obliges you to wear your high heels all day long :) As you know I am back home over the weekend and the weather has been so awful. But at least the memories of those sunny evenings in Munich cheers me up.

Skirt: Istanbul | Pull: Promod | Tights: Calzedonia | Shoes: Altramarea | Accessories: Primark | Nailpolish: Catrice

Calzedonia tights

 Cagebraid. As promised here is what I wore on the ghd event. Due to the perfect weather I bartered my beloved boots for my even more beloved flats. As you already may have noticed I am a big lover of tights and I already almost emptied the whole Calzedonia shop in Bozen. I'll show you more soon. On Friday I had to say goodbye to Munich and all my friends as I drove back home for my holidays... But I didn't stay long and I am already on the way to my next stop. Guess where!

Flats: Zara | Tights: Calzedonia | Skirt: Benetton | Belt: H&M | Cape: made by my mom | Earrings: Accessorize | Ring: Istanbul | Bag: Miu Miu

P&J pants

 "Die Tasche muss Leben", that's what my friend said to me during this fun shoot. The saying is not new - he just watched too much Germany's Next Topmodel. In the previous post I wrote about indecisions of what to wear. In fact, it got colder again and I had to take my trench out again. But this is April - does what he wants...

shoes: COIN | trench: Cyrillus | bag: miumiu | pants: P&J

Show your tummy

 GLITTER. I am in love with everything that sparkles, maybe sometimes a little bit too much. But I prefer to wear the pieces with more simple ones. I am so excited because tomorrow I am heading with some friends and family to Mykonos. Can't wait to finally get there and grab the first gyros pita, stroll through the city by night and lay at the beach all day long. I am not sure whether I will be able to post something or not. Otherwise a lot of pictures await you as soon as I come back. 

Top and blazer: made by my mom | Jeans: Me&Me | Shoes: Pitarello

Spiked Heels

 Night-out. The little black one - a must have in every woman's closet. Recently I noticed that I have quite many black dresses whereas I always try to sidestep buying black clothes. But this is definitely one of the best. The collar detail and the ruffled shoulder parts are great. Regarding the shoes. I made them in about ten minutes using a soldering machine (works so much better than using a drill like it is recommended in a lot of YouTube-Videos) for burning holes at the back of the shoes. Afterwards I bolted the studs. Really easy - you just need how to do it quickly!

dress: New Yorker | jacket: Zara | heels: DIY | accessories: Pieces, Accessorize

Kandee Shoes

 Kandee. These shoes are a real glitter dream. They are perfect despite the fact that they're quite high and only wearable for special occasions. But for nights out they're simply perfect. Lately I've been wearing more vibrant colors. Mostly because people use to wear mainly dark clothes in winter, what I don't really understand why.


Fur jacket: unknown | bag: Schmidt & von Bosio | Skinny jeans: H&M | Shoes: Kandee | bangles: ASOS

Trench  jacket

 Schoolgirl. This trench jacket has been hanging a long time in my closet without carrying out. They pictures are older, but still didn't upload them - so don't wonder why I am not in an onion-look. I own this skirt since I am twelve or so and I can't believe it still fits me. I can't believe that it is so unbelievably cold in Munich right now...

Shoes: from the Cote D'Azur | skrit: made by mym mom | top: H&M | trench jacket: Zara | bag: Furla | Accessories: ASOS, Accessories, Koan, Dodo

Varius outfit

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