Friday, March 8, 2013

Tamara from Netherlands


Spikes and a Petticoat

Leather jacket:Drole de CopineRuffled blouse and bowbelt :PrimarkPetticoat skirt:I love modeBoots:BlinkJewellery:Lucardi

One of the cutest skirts are petticoat skirts I think!

It always reminds me of a time when I was studying classical ballet
As a four year old I was allready mesmerized by the lovely crisp sounding tulle.
 Now years laters I still can't resist to wear petticoats and still feel like that little ballerina I once was.

Luckily they have them in grown up more street appropriate versions  now lol
You can just pair it with a cool leather jacket to give it some edge and tone it down a little with some casual boots..and you are ready to hit the town.
I added  the cutest bowbelt I got last year for even more girly glam..........

Pink Baseball

Jacket::Urban Diva,Skirt local boutique,Top:Zara,Booties:Sasha Not for Basics,Necklace:Primark,Jewellery H&M,Watch: Casio

Hey what can I say?
I love pink!
 This cute and warm baseball jacket is sooooo comfy and makes such a colorstatement don't you think?
I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.......

Red Hot Winter

Blazer old:Zara,Skirt and Clutch:Primark,booties:Sasha Not For Basics,belt H&M,sweater: Mango,Scarf Albert Cuyp Amsterdam,Jewellery:Lucardi

Hi all!
It is still FREEZING out here!
I am not the type to complain about the weather because I believe there are far worse things in the world then extreme tempatures,but wow it is cold!!
I am completly ignoring snowboots,uggs and all black boring mountain hiking look-a like outfits
Me being a color lover hás to bring in at least some color in every outfit I wear!
When I do go all black,I like to brighten things up with sparkly jewellery and different textures
Lets say I will add fur,lace and sequins ect ect.

Okay back to this outfit!
This red blazer is super old!!
I bought it at Zara many years ago and loved it because there was this black padded belt attached to it.
I lost the belt a few years ago and stopped wearing it.

Blue Peplum and Snakeskin Print

   Heels and Peplum Top: ZaraSkirt: lady Store Van WoustraatRing with orange stone and necklace H&M bracellets Supertrash and Primark,Clutch Albert Cuyp

Hey everyone

According to fashionsources, the peplum trend is here to stay,continuing into the fall and winter collections........huraaaay I love it:)
I have bought this peplum top 6 weeks ago and I was still trying to find something that would match it perfectly
I have worn it with black leather skinnies...but I wanted to show you guys you can do more with this excellent peplum top!

So I finally found something perfect,snakeskin...I dont know why but I love the combo
epecially with  a red clutch
I didn't want this peplum to be part of a matchy matchy outfit,...I wanted it to sparkle a little without taking the gorgeous royal blue color away
I wanted to enhance it!:))
This fall,snake and leopard skin will be very trendy,and actually I have bought this skirt for a bargain this last winter allready....just laying around in my closet,I woke up and though oh wow,these two will look great together lol

Black and Blue peplum

  The peplum skirt is thé hot new trend for 2012
                  So this is my take on it!
      I love this royal blue color and paired it with all black so the peplum skirt                                       

                pops out! 

 Peplum skirt Zara new collection
                                                                                                Heels: Estrada
                                                                                               Blouse: Vintage
                                                                           Clutch: Lady Store Van Woustraat Amsterdam

                                                                                    Black faux fur cape: Supertrash

Fuchsia pink and black and white stripes


Leather spiked jacket:Drole de Copine,HeelsBebe,black and white striped gloves:local store,but I like this one too here,skirt:Azara,bag:gift from Vogue Magazine

I have always loved stripes!
To me they never go out of style and they look classy and clean and fresh with ány outfit!
 Stripes are becoming a hot trend right now.
I have seen them in almost every store from shirts to skirts to blazers to pants, dresses and YES gloves and scarfs!
I love black and white with the color fuchsia.
It turns the cool and clean stripes into something sexy and sweet
I bumped into this skirt  last week and the lace trim really caught my eye.
Of course it was love at first sight...because Fuchsia is my favorite color and I always drool over anything lace.
For a trendy feel I paired it with a leather spiked jacket and a woolen hat

The weather around here has been very mild and not so cold,so it is easy to wear skirts with some tights.
It's just the darkness and the grey skies day in and day out that is driving me nuts!......

Varius outfit


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