Saturday, March 23, 2013


I just love wearing my boyfriend's shirts...

 It's his Zara XL shirt that I wore to create this Copenhagen in XL look :) wearing his shirts just feels so special...and yes, I am wearing white tights again, 'cause I just adore them.

Shoes: Reserved; Clutch: Primark; Shorts: Rinascimento

Polka- dotted Spring

 Looking out the window thru the rainy clouds, spring seems far far away, so it's just the right moment to share some sunny pics :)
Going back to the 60s influence we see currently in fashion, polka dotts are totally in this season. I have mixed feelings about dotts, usually only like the really small printed ones, but it's up to everyone to make their dotted choice.
Here's me, back to my love for white tights, that I unfortunately see very rarely on fashion either love them or you hate them, indifference is not an option!

Top: Mango; Dress: H&M; Boots: Progetto; Accesories: Promod and H&M; Watch: Michael Kors

La Vie en Rouge

 Never was a big fan of red...but since I started with red lips, the color became to grow on me and there I was trying on this coat at Primark and ended up buying it a few minutes later :) In general I love trenchcoats and I would say they are a definite must-have in a girl's least one or two pieces!

Trenchcoat: Primark; Clutch: Zara, Shoes: H&M

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

 Usually I only like snow when on the ski slopes and never in the city, as it only takes a few hours or max one day for the snow to become grey-ish and muddy, but still, on this day, I totally loved the winter in the city :)

Sun and snow are a wonderful combination and I felt fully energized by the landscape, jumping and playing around in the snow like a little girl! Those pictures made and still make me feel totally christmas-y!

As you know already, I like to combine delicate with more rough fabrics and I just love to pair leather or "heavy duty" knit wear with tulle or satin. I also adore a more urban ballerina look, when going for the not so sexy or feminine, but outrageously comfy UGG boots, combined with a delicate tutu. As for black and pale pink/nude, I think it always rocks!

Jacket: Stradivarius; Skirt: Kiabi; Boots: UGG Australia; Gloves & Scarf: George

Playing with Autumn

 This autumn/winter season I'm definitely set on browns and beiges mostly and my creativity seems a bit "hampered" when thinking about going for any other cromatic base :) Browns and Beiges just feel so warm and comfy, are just perfect for blondes or red heads and you can really be daring by combining them with colors like: electric or dark blue, orange, turquoise, green in order to create a sparkling contrast.
This is my last look with blonde hair for a while...I went for a change inspired by the amazing autumn colors :) Coming up soon!

Dress: Pull & Bear; sweater: Koton; clutch: H&M; gloves: Reserved; boots: Progetto Glam

Birthday Girl ... and Birthday Glam

 My baby took those pictures on my birthday before taking off to the party (waiting to post them for over one month now!)...Have them all in color as well, but somehow black&white and sepia give it a more glamourous touch! Am wearing Zara ankle boots, a CflUK corset and my handmade tulle skirt, that I love, love, love...

Tulle, White Tights and Mary Janes!

 Friday Night. Romantic Indonesian Dinner (Thanks, Baby!). Clubbing out in Soho, London.

Got a lot of compliments for my handmade tulle skirt (own creation :)) and was actually so pleasantly surprised by how nice people where and by the way they approached me :) Both men and women!
I'm wearing a 100% handmade tulle skirt (on top of a high waist H&M skirt), a sailor shirt by Mango, white tights and black Bullboxer suede Mary Janes. I chose to complete the look with a handmade clutch (bought it extrenly cheap at a fair) and the cutest, red ribbon, high waist belt I found at the metro station :)

The Little White Dress

 The Little Black Dress is an icon already, a must have in every wardrobe, so very often a  fashionistic "life saver" when you just don't want to over or under-do it, when the dress code is unclear or the audience at an event unpredicatble, it fits a business dinner as well as a chic cocktail party, it's all in the accesories to decide where you'll position yourelf in terms of style for the specfic occasion...

Ok, but what about the Little White Dress? Never heard the concept before :), why don't we give it it's little moment of glory too? Do you own one? Would you prefer the Little White Dress were an icon instead of the black one? More difficult to wear, I agree, flaws are easier exposed, food and drinks are a much bigger threat...but still, white does have it's charm!

I found this little one in the Madrid airport at Mango, in a big hurry, never even tried it on, but it's sweetness convinced me in an instant! 

Varius outfit



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