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Very feminine and pretty girl

Romantic outfit

Anthropologie Chromatic Cardi, Insouciant Tank, and Fulmar Sweater Skirt, J.Crew Belt and Necklace, kate spade new york jeweled bird of paradise brooch and ‘this year i will’ bangle, Col. Littleton Camp Bracelet, Spanx Trinket Tight-End Tights, Urban Outfitters Canvas Pumps
Pairing rust with the sweet mint hues of the bird-strewn Fulmar Sweater Skirt is pretty much a tried and true combination in the Anthro blogging sphere — I believe Rosa initially kickstarted the trend here, the lovely Huddyma wore it so well here, and then Kim of course has employed it famously many times since :)  This is not a color pairing that would come to me instinctively, but I wanted to wear this skirt the other morning, and I thought since so many other ladies have had success with these two shades, why not finally give them a spin myself?   I rounded out the combination with some neutrals in the form of a brown sweater and some gray tights, and to keep things from getting to heavy or drab, I perked things up with some bright and shiny gold accessories.   And a coordinating bird brooch on my lapel provided the perfect finishing touch!

Sea Skirt

Anthropologie Breezy Ride Cardigan, Four-If-By-Sea Skirt, and Dotty Clusters Tights, J.Crew Tank and Belt,  B.Makowsky Sasha Mary Janes, Miss Bibi Tools Charm Bracelet, The Met Store Glittering Star Necklace
Sometimes it’s nice to step back from my bolds and brights and wear something just soft and girly and romantic.  I was feeling in particularly feminine this morning and so I actually went as far as to even wear a smattering of pale pink, a shade I normally relegate to the back of my wardrobe.  When I was about four or five, my mom wanted to redecorate my room and so, deciding to first consult me, she asked what my favorite color was.  ”Black,” I replied immediately.  This of course completely horrified my mother, who had been hoping for a less morbid “red” or perhaps “green,” and she instead promptly redid my entire bedroom in the least black color she could think of…ballerina pink.  Sadly this did not have the effect she intended, as for years and years I petulantly stared at my furniture and walls with loathing and developed a general aversion to all things pink and even anything pastel.  Basically I was the opposite of your stereotypical girl :)  Nowadays the color and I have a slightly better relationship, but still, wearing it at all, even just in a scrap of a shirt shyly peeping out from underneath my sweater, is a rare occasion indeed!

Yellow Pepper

Anthropologie Peppered and Striped Skirt, J.Crew Cashmere Featherweight Cardigan in Slate, Anthropologie Insouciant Tank, Anthropologie Dotty Clusters Tights, J.Crew Crystal Symphony Necklace, Anthropologie Shined Up Headband, Kate Spade Kellie Too Heels
This was quite possibly the most boring way I could have worn this skirt for its first outing (I heart “matchy matchiness” despite whatever Heidi Klum and Michael Kors may say, but really I was itching to wear this skirt with blue, red, maroon, or brown), but I was dressing up for cooking and eating a big Christmas Eve dinner with my extended family that day and wanted to look somewhat traditional and classic so I went for some classic Anjali-styling.  Matching heels and tops and sweaters around a single center piece like this skirt is, after all, kind of my thing — even if it’s so rote to me at this point it doesn’t feel worthy of posting on the blog anymore sometimes.

Sweater Skirt

Anthropologie Stoa Sweater Skirt, J.Crew Tee, Old Navy Cardigan, Anthropologie Shades-of-Grey Tights, Anthropologie Cross Your T-Straps, Vintage sweater clips, Col. Littleton Camp Bracelet

Cupcake Skirts

Anthropologie / Corey Lynn Calter Skirt, J.Crew Maya Cardigan, J.Crew Tank, Kate Spade Karolina Heels
This is one of my favorite skirts, though I haven’t worn it in a while and it’s kind of been hiding in the back of my closet.  I actually don’t know the name of the skirt or when it was originally released; I bought it on eBay three years ago and I think it was an older piece even the seller didn’t know the name of then.  It’s by Corey Lynn Calter but has a different label (and really different sizing!) than CLC pieces today, so suffice to say: pretty old.  Last week however I saw the “It’s Your Move” skirt land in Anthropologie’s new arrivals section and did a double take — were they re-releasing my very favorite “cupcake” (a funfetti cupcake of course) skirt again?  A closer examination proved that the skirts were indeed actually slightly different — while both featured textured, nubby multi-colored polka dots on a white background and a series of tiers, the new skirt had dots that were a bit larger, tiers that were actually layered, and a subtle textured checkboard design (as opposed to the textured vertical stripes of the first skirt).  Nevertheless, the inspiration from a past piece seems pretty evident!  The perforated square design and the more coffee-bean-ish dots make the skirt a little edgier and modern though, I think Anthro did a good job adapting the original design :)  Curious though that this is an Anthro in-house piece (by Floreat) while the original was a piece by an external designer; I hope the inspired-by aspect was above board.


 Osier Dress, Oxer Coat, Banded Together Belt, Camper Mary Janes, Met Museum Imperial Magnifier

Feminine dress


Anthropologie Glass-of-Bubbly Dress, Old Navy Cardigan, J.Crew Belt, Nordstrom Tights, Vintage Necklace, Seychelles Vaudeville Mary Janes
I mentioned the other week that I felt a renewed lust for Anthropologie’s Mompos Dress when I thought about pairing its light blue shade with a bright and punchy yellow — this was the outfit that actually got me excited about that particular color combo.  I wore this dress at the beginning of the month when the weather was still so horrible and rainy I actually had to wear tights (on Memorial Day weekend, gah!).  I am totally awful and cheesy and always tend to pick and theme my outfits according to my mood or the weather  – this day I chose the gradated polka dots on this dress to mimic the falling rain outside.  I wear gray with this dress a lot, but I couldn’t bear to be totally drab with the weather so glum outside as well, so I chose this cheerful yellow cardigan to represent the sunshine I wished was there.   (Now of course, the temperature is a blistering 90 degrees as I’m typing this and the thought of tights makes me want to melt and I kind of wish the sun would hide behind the clouds again for a little bit, but what can you do :))  Anyway, I’m loving yellow and blue now (this year seems to involve me loving yellow with anything actually), so expect to see a lot more of those two together from me as the summer goes on!

Pretty dress

Vintage ’40s Dress (via Fab Gabs Vintage), Milly Double-Knit Jersey Jacket, kate spade new york kylie heels, Met Store Russian Imperial Magnifier, House of Harlow Key Cocktail Ring
This is another one of my rare, treasured vintage purchases that somehow worked out for me, made even more precious because it’s covered in one of my favorite patterns, stars.  Funnily enough, like the car-covered vintage dress I mentioned the other week, I also obtained it via Fab Gabs‘ Etsy shop, though I bought this dress all the way back in 2009 when the store was much smaller.  I didn’t even realize they came from the same place until I looked up the transaction in my account history just now for the outfit credits

Dress and tights

Marine Mural Dress, J.Crew Cashmere Cardigan in Heather Aqua, J.Crew Ribbed Tights, Kate Spade Karolina Heels in Aqua, Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Mughetto

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