Friday, January 4, 2013

Glamour Girl

Pencil Skirt

In this photo I'm wearing the pencil skirt, where I was matching it with a white blazer and totally different belt, shoes and bag. 

Polka-dot Dress

I'm letarally soaking every sunbeam I can find! I'm so glad that there is no rain yet - it's cold but sunny! And I use this opportunity to wear that polka-dot dress ! I just love it! This time I pair it with some hot pink accessorize that I love! It made it look so much fun, right! That's the 3rd timeI wear it in just about 2 weeks - the first time I pair it in more classic way ! 
Which one of the three styles of that dress which one is your best way? Let me know in the comments!

The Perfect Day

Had the perfect day today! I decided to take a break from all of the studying! I think I deserved it! I had 5 exams in 1 month and I passed them with stright A's ! So happy! Well, I have another 4 in the next month but that another theme! So, I went shopping !Here, in Bulgaria, the sales started ! I got myself 2 lovely dresses that I can't wait to show you! Of course I liked so many many  other things, but I had to keep my promise to save some money for the wonderfu vacation that me and my boyfriend are planning! Can't wait to tell you about that too!
So, have the season sales started in your country? What had you bought for yourself?
Have a wonderful day, everybody!

Feeling like a teacher

Brown Tights

A walk after work...

Business Lady

This week is kinda busy and I have a temporary work (just for this week) ,so I need to look like a business lady.So,that's my look for the first work day.Wearing suits and business clothing is so no me. That's I tried to make it more funny with the pink jacket and earrings.

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